Happy summer vacation to me!!!!! I am so glad for this break! I sure need it! I didn't have a summer last year:( I packed up my classroom in NC and my house then left to drive cross country with my husband and 3 cats! We arrived in Seattle just in time drop off our car to be shipped and then get on our plane for our one way move to Hawaii! As soon as I got here I had teacher meetings and started school 2 weeks later. 

So yes, I am SO looking forward to a nice relaxing summer! Nothing but the beach, gym, and exploring my beautiful new home! Oh I will be blogging and creating...don't you worry!

My last week of school was filled with so much fun! We completed our minute to win it games, had beach themed activities, and we even went bowling after school on our last day!  It was so nice to see these kiddos be with their friends outside of school! 

Here's to an awesome summer!

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  1. Enjoy your much needed summer! Can't wait to read your posts this summer!!!