Weekly Planner Freebie!

I don't know about you, but I love to have a quick glance at the happenings for my week in one place! 

Last year I used this Peek at the Week form I created

This one is really geared towards planning for the week. I wanted a general weekly planner this year so I could see everything going on!

You can grab yourself a copy by clicking HERE! Happy Friday!!!

Planner Pieces~perfect for your teacher binder!

Ugh...those words us teachers don't want to hear...back to school! I have to face the music and realize that it's creeping up on me!

With that being said, I have created some planner pieces to add into my teacher binder. You see, I am one of those teachers that has to type her plans out. I have tried over and over to write them but it just isn't me. 

I do, however, like to have pieces to go inside my binder that are nice and pretty! 

I am a little excited to be a bit more organized this year...even though I am pretty OCD:)

You can grab these for FREE for the next 30 minutes over at my TpT shop. After they will be 50% off for the rest of the day!

Have a great one!!!

Makeover Madness {#tptsellerchallenge}

Happy first day of summer friends! It's been far too long since I have blogged! I really just took the first two weeks or so and decompressed. I didn't do anything school or TpT related. I needed to! 

I can't believe I go back to work in just about a month, so it is really time to kick it in gear and get my to-do list complete!

One HUGE thing I had on my list for a long time was to make over my BFG novel unit. Last week the #tptsellerchallenge was announced on IG and I new I just had to take part! The first week was makeover madness! So perfect! I got started right away, but little did I know this unit was going to take forever!

5 days later and it is DONE:)

I am very happy with how it turned out! I added new questions, new projects, and even a mini notebook for those that want to save paper:)

You can grab yourself a copy over at my TpT shop 50% off for today and tomorrow!
Click HERE

I would also like to give one away! Leave a comment telling me one thing you've done so far this summer that was fun and I will pick a winner tomorrow night! Don't forget your email!

Have a great week!

Next year I will be teaching...

OMG is right! 5th will be a new adventure for me! I am scared, nervous, excited, hopeful, and a million other feelings all at the same time! I have never taught higher than 3rd before...so believe me, my feelings are quite real:) But I am confident that I got this...and I will do well. Sure I will make some mistakes, and sure I might be a bit stressed out next year...but I know I will learn, grow, and develop as an educator! 

Here's to 5th grade!

My Dad's a Super Hero

Happy Sunday Friends!
I can't believe I have 12 more days with my students. I am really ready for this year to be over. It's been a long one for sure. 

Last year I looped so I have had most of my kids for 2 years. I thought I would like it...some days I do, but by this time of the year, I am exhausted and they are ready to move on!

Since we end the year before Father's Day, I wanted the kids to make something special their dads. I saw this super cute picture on Pinterest!

I thought it was SOOOO cute! So, I made a little writing activity to go with it:)

I plan on having the kids take their photo this week and getting them developed. The kids will write why their dad is a super hero in their eyes!

Would you like a copy? Just leave a comment with your email and I will send it right to you:)

Have a great week!

Special Hawaiian Giveaway and a SALE!

This year has gone soooo fast! I really can't believe I only have 23 days left of school! I am very ready for a break! Are you?

Before the school year ends, it is time to celebrate YOU! It's Teacher Appreciation week! First off, my store will be on sale May 5th and 6th!

Use promo code ThankYou and you will get 28% off your total purchase! How cool is that? I really want to empty my cart and wish list!

As I was out running errands today, I picked up some local treats! I put them all in one goodie bag and decided to give it away to one of YOU:) This is an IG only giveaway! Inside you will find lots of local Hawaiian goodies for you to enjoy! 

Head on over to my IG account and enter to win! Giveaway ends on Wednesday and I will select a winner on Thursday!

Here's to a great Teacher Appreciation week!

The Wait is OVER!!!

I am soooo excited! The wait is over and I can announce....That Educents now has their own online marketplace!!! 

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One of my favorite products is my Minute to Win it FREEBIE!

Every year I do this with my students during the very last week! They always have a blast! Check out my last years blog post HERE! I warn you...there's a ton of pictures:)

Next...there is an awesome, amazing, one of a kind giveaway to celebrate this very special occasion! You could win a $50 Edubucks gift card for EVERY GROUP you go visit! 

And I tell you, there are a lot of us! There are so many ways to win multiple times! I wish you all good luck! 

Welcome to my new store! Please check back often because I will be having special deals there time to time that you won't find anywhere else!