Cyber Monday Sale~Shop 'til you Drop!

I am so ready for this sale! My cart is full and I am ready to shop 'til I drop!

My store will be an extra 20% off!

I have marked a few winter items if mine an extra 50% off for this sale! Use the code to get another 28% on top of that! WOW!

One thing I do every year is have a Polar Express Party! I use my unit for all my fun activities! 

I also like to write some winter poetry! It's a bit harder to do here in Hawaii since we don't have snow! I still do this and they have so much fun!

I know you have heard of the Turkey in Disguise project! I have created a unit just for Frosty and his new suit! 

Have fun shopping!!!

Field Trip Fun~Polynesian Cultural Center!

Yesterday we heading out for an all day field trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center! 

It was  lot of fun and the kids had a blast!
The Polynesian Cultural Center is a Polynesian-themed park where students get to visit different islands that make up this culture! 

Here is a look at our day!


We also got to see an IMAX movie! 

This theater was awesome. There is a tiny hole in the seat in front of you that sprays water and wind. The seats shake and move up and down! There is even speakers in the head part of the chair! SO FUN!

There is so much more to do at the PCC...if you are ever in Hawaii, I would highly recommend you go here! 

Have a great weekend!

Party Points~whole class incentive FREEBIE

How has your weekend been going? Mine has been super lazy! I took Friday off to, well, get a root canal! It's been a sleepy and painful weekend! I would have rather been to work on Friday then go through that! If you follow me on saw my picture right after...and boy was I numb! 

Well today is another day of rest and eating anything soft! 

I wanted to share with you something in my class that has worked wonders! 

I know you have heard of the marble jar, the brownie points, spelling out words to earn a whole class incentive! I wanted to do something simple yet fun for the kids. I call it...Party Points!

I printed this out on card stock and laminated it. Every day my class wins on the WBT scoreboard, I give them a party point by putting a smiley face in the box. . I never take party points away. If I win on the scoreboard, they just don't earn one for the day! 

Simple:) The kids have loved having an ice cream party, and extra recess afternoon!

Want to try this out yourself? Just click the picture above to get our freebie! I have them in 5 different colors:)

I'd love to hear what you think! 

Have a great start to your week!

Peek at the Week~editable freebie:)

Happy Monday Friends!
I am so glad to have tomorrow off....well, kinda. I have to get a root canal take that back. I would rather be working:(

I want to share something today with you that has helped me plan for each week a little easier. This is my peek at the week!

I use this every week to help give myself an outline of the week! It really helps me gather my thoughts. This one is not as neat as I usually write them...oh well! 

Since I love this so much, I have made an editable freebie for you! I included 3 different formats. Each format has the boxes filled with text I have added. Then I took the text out and made a blank copy! This way you can add your own text boxes in!

I hope you can use this and it makes your planning a little easier:)

Grab it HERE for free!

~November Currently~

Happy November everyone!
It's my favorite month of the year!
My birthday in a few days
A few days off from school
And it goes by SO fast!

Before I get to my currently...Have you noticed anything different??? I am SO IN LOVE with my new design! Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs created the most perfect design for me! 

It is exactly what I wanted!!! Thank you Megan! You are so talented!

OK...November currently time:)
Thanks Farley for doing this every month! It is always a ton of fun!

My new kitten is crazy! He goes from one thing, to another, to another! He hasn't been around our other cats yet...he has a few more days to go before we get the go ahead from the vet. Let's hope they all get along!

Yuppp...I'll say it new blog design is beautiful!!!

About lunch...I am actually heading out to meet my family for lunch to celebrate my husbands and his twins birthday. It was last week! I am excited but nervous to see what I can actually eat! I am doing a lot better with my food choices! I just need to keep it that way!

With this new house my husband and I have...we have a few empty rooms! 
We need a ton of time right? I also want a new bed, guest room furniture...the list is never ending!

We just bought all new dishes yesterday! Now, I have to go wash them! Macy's was having a HUGE sale! We got settings for 18 people for just over $100! We really don't need it for 18, but if one breaks or we do really need it...then we have it:) We also got an every day set from Target that we will use! 


Thank you to Rachelle from For Blogness' Sake! She really has inspired me to read this book and get my eating back on track. It hasn't been easy, but it is coming! The book is a MUST read! I really enjoyed it!

Alright...I have got to get ready for lunch! Everyone have a great day!!!

Main Idea Fun!

It's Sunday...already??? Man, why do the weekends go so fast? It's going to be a crazy busy week with Halloween but I am really looking forward to it!

Before I begin, I wanted to announce the winner of my milestone giveaway!
Congrats Mandy B
Please check your email!

Over the past week I have started teaching main idea! I just wanted to share a few things that I did which really helped my kids start to understand how to find this very difficult concept!

The first thing we did was watch a BrainPop video! We just love Tim and Moby over here in E3!
This main idea one is actually free:)

The second thing I did was use my unit What's the BIG Idea to introduce what main idea is and how to find it!

The kids really like the main idea wheels! 

Next, I used Christina Bainbridge's Main Idea and Details Race!

This was awesome! The kids were able to quickly identify the main idea. They did have a harder time with one of the sets, but once we talked it out, they got it!

Then, I used these 5 main idea passages

I split the class up into 5 groups and they each got the same animal. It was a great way for students to work together with finding the main idea. 

Next week is spider week! And I plan on adding some spider main idea passages in there! 

We have a long way to go for being main idea masters...but at least we are getting there!

What do you do to teach main idea? I am always looking for more ideas!

Have a great week!!!

Time to Celebrate with a freebie,sale, and a giveaway!

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's been a rainy few days as Hurricane Ana just missed us! We were so lucky! I am taking advantage of the rainy weather today to work on lots of things! Trying to get caught up mostly!

Today I wanted to celebrate my first ever TpT milestone!

I can't say thank you enough! 
Every single one of you has helped me make this milestone! I couldn't have done it without you!

To say thank you, I would like to do a few things for you!

First, my TpT store is 20% off today through Wednesday!

Second, you can grab my attention grabbers posters/cards for FREE this week only!

Third, I want to do a give-a-way!
I would like to give away 5 items from my shop for free and a $10 gift card of your choice! 
All you have to do is leave a comment WITH your email and I will pick a winner on Wednesday! 

Thanks again to every single one of you! I really appreciate it! TpT has been such a blessing for me personally and my family! The friendships I have made wouldn't have been possible without TpT! I am so very thankful. The money has helped my family get through different times of need, especially our big move to Hawaii! 

Enjoy your week friends! Let's make it a great one!