Valentine's Day Project

Happy 2017! 

I hope you all are having a great start to your year! So far, the past 6 days have been great and I just know this year is going to be amazing! 

I wanted to share something with you today that is a super amazing idea for Valentine's Day! I have been doing it for 6 years and every year the kids just love it! I begin right away after winter break to give students enough time to get started!

Click HERE to read my blog post from a few years ago. There's also a link in there to another blog post I did awhile back. I am doing things a little different this year so you will want to keep on reading:)

I bring you, the Valentine's Day Compliment Project!

How this project works:

Each student's name is placed in the Valentine envelope!
I will pull a name out each day and write it on the pink chalk board.
This person gets to wear the heart Emoji on their lanyard.

For homework that night, students will write a thoughtful compliment about that person. When they have their own name, I still have students write a compliment about themselves. Most of the time, this is the hardest one to do! 

I used to have students hand write it, but this year I made a Google Doc for my students to use nightly. If students can't get to their Drive for some reason, they can write it on lined paper and type it in their doc first thing in the morning. 

After all students and myself had their name pulled out, I will print out the compliments, organize them by student and we will begin the fun part!

Each student will pull another student's name out of a bucket. So let's say George pulls out Bailey's name. George will take all of Bailey's compliments and create a poster for Bailey. Over the years, I have had parents bring in fun materials to decorate the posters. 
(this was from a few years ago)

I will be sending a note home again the first day back next week asking for all sorts of fun decorating materials. 

BUT, this year instead of a poster, I am going to use the blank books I bought a few years ago (I can't believe I never used them) from Target's Dollar Spot. I am super excited about this change and I think my students will like it too! 

We take almost the whole day to focus on creating these posters! The students really put time, effort, and love into their designs. 

When everyone is done, we have snacks, drinks, and present each other with their posters. So George would get up and present Bailey with her poster. 

Every.single.year this has been a huge hit in my classroom. I apologize to my last years class for not doing it. I really wish I did! IMHO...this is WAY better than getting those paper Valentine Cards!

My super cute second grade girls from 13/14
I have the girl on the left with the green tank top this year again in 5th! I also had her in 3rd;)

My awesome 3rd grade class from 12/13! I sure miss them all!

I promise you, if you do this project, you won't regret it! 
I have made two files for you to download for free!

A PDF with parent notes, student compliment handouts, and examples. I also added an editable PowerPoint so you can make the note fit for your classroom needs! 

Click HERE to download it via Google Drive!

Thanks for sticking around while I haven't been blogging or creating. I really do appreciate and love you all! You are amazing!


  1. Loved this Valentine’s Day project. I am in love with the photos. We also hosted kids friendly DIY Valentine’s Day family bash at some local LA venues and it just turned out to be fantastic. The adults also enjoyed it a lot.

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