I have a winner, and a few new things:)

I am stopping in for a quick post! I have a million and one things to do tonight and I must complete them! I have my observation on Wednesday and I am making a few new items to use for my lesson!

Here is a sneak peek at two new goodies I will have  to blog about very soon!

I am finishing up 2.G.2 and i'm wrapping it up with a fun group activity! I can't wait to tell and show you all about it!

I am so so close to being done with a HUGE unit that has taken me awhile to complete!

I am so thrilled with how it is turning out. I tested it with my class in February and I can't be more excited about the results! I WILL be done with it this week and ready to blog about it! 

Last but not least, the winner of my March writing task cards!
Congrats to STACY! Check your email:)

Time for dinner and then work work work for the night!


  1. The monthly motivators looks FABULOUS! Can't wait to see the final product :)
    My Second Sense