Math Rotations~made EASY:)

Do you struggle with math rotations? I have tired almost every possible way to incorporate math centers and rotations into my class...but nothing seemed to work. 

I tried something a few weeks ago that was SO easy...and it WORKED:)

I want to share this simple idea with you and just maybe, it might help you out during your math block!

So I have my math time from 12:40 to 2:00. That gives me a good chunk of time!

From 12:40-1:10 I like to do a whole group lesson. I like to use interactive notebooks from Blair Turner. My 2nd graders love them too!

From 1:10 to 1:40 is when my class gets to work in centers and I get to work with kids who need some extra help or need some enrichment!

This is how I work my centers:)
I have my class desks arranged in groups of 3. So I have 3 center baskets. In each basket I have a variety if math games. I make sure the games are ones we have played before. If it is a new game, we always play it as a group first. 

Each table sticks with the ONE basket for the 30 minutes. The next day I just rotate baskets. 

Day 1
table 1 has basket 1
table 2 has basket 2
table 3 has basket 3

Day 2
table 1 has basket 3
table 2 has basket 1
table 3 has basket 2

I am sure you get the picture:) Yes, they will get the same basket again, but I make sure I have enough games inside that often they don't play every game in the basket the first time. 

Here are some pictures!

Within the groups, my students broke out into smaller groups and played the games or worked individually! 
I have found the BEG to do math centers this way! 

I keep the games in the basket for a few weeks!

Then from 1:400-2:00ish we wrap up and do a problem solving question. Have to get them ready for 3rd grade! 

After years and years of trying different things, I think I finally found something that worked!

Maybe it will work for you too!

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