40 Book Challenge {100% PAPERLESS}

I am SO excited to bring you something special today! 

Last year, I read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller and I was HOOKED! It changed my whole thinking about the way I was teaching reading...and I have a Masters in reading instruction! 

So I went on Teachers Pay Teachers and found what I thought was an awesome resource to go with my 40 Book Challenge. I required students every day to write down what they read for homework, do a book review after every book, do book projects after every 10, I gave points, took points away, graded and used rubrics. This was EVERYTHING Donalyn said NOT.TO.DO!

I failed, bad! I never checked their logs and students lost their love of reading. I love the whole idea and concept behind the 40 Book Challenge so I knew I had to do something different. 

My school is trying to go as paperless as possible. Each student in my class has their own Google Drive and their own Weebly portfolio. I do not use Google Classroom but have Hapara, a teacher dashboard for Google. I am able to send students Google Docs, Slideshows, Forms, and more. I can also monitor what they are doing. I love it. 

So I decided to make a change with my challenge this year and go paperless! 

My goal for this year is to:
Research books we want to read and create a TBR list
Biweekly student lead book chats during lunch
Recording a book when they are done, not every day
Setting their own goals for books read
Celebrate accomplishments after reading books
Blogging about our reading
Using our creativity and design a project once a quarter

Every student will have a Book Chart to place a sticker on every time they finish a book!

At the end of every month we will count how many books we have read as a class and display it. 

I have these in a PDF and an editable PowerPoint. 

On the PDF, I have a link to my Google Slideshow!

In this slidesshow, students will:
Design their cover page to reflect them as a reader
Reading interest survey
Set goals for themselves about how many books they want to read
Record their reading after every book and give it a rating
Learn about different genres of reading
Create a TBF (to be read) list
End of the quarter reflections

I also have links on the slideshow for teachers. These links will show you how I use Padlet in the classroom to build a community of readers, how students use their Weebly portfolios to blog about their reading, and how I use my classroom website to set up biweekly book chats! 

Would you like to try this in your classroom? Click HERE and you can download it for free:)

If you download, please read carefully and follow my terms of use!

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or suggestions on using the 40 Book challenge! 

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. I wanted to incorporate to incorporate more independent reading this year. I wanted to get away from an assignment after every book. I like your idea about book talks with students every 2 weeks. We're encouraged to use GAFE at your school. I would love to use your version.

    1. Thanks so much! You can get the freebie by clicking the link in the blog post.

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  3. I'm having a majorly difficult time setting up weebly so I'm concerned about having the kids make one... do you have a blog post on setting up a weebly similar to yours?

    1. Send me an email:) tonyastreatsforteachers@gmail.com

  4. Sounds like a great idea! I can see your students getting excited about it :)