Test Taking Strategies...TRUNK!

First off...I have to show you something VERY funny! So I did the grocery shopping today...went to Trader Joe's and Walmart! Have I ever told you how much I HATE Walmart??? Why do I even bother?

I came home and my hubby was still at the gym. I brought the groceries inside and started to unpack. I looked in the fridge first to see if anything was bad or expired. I threw out a few things...but this...I kept saying to myself..."are you serious?" Look at what I found...

Yeah, that is...
TWO bottles half way used of blueberry syrup
THREE bottles of Balsamic (one almost gone, one half way gone, and one just opened)
and TWO bottles of French

I asked him when he got home why he had so many in the fridge!
His response..."Well, I didn't have enough left to put on my salad so I opened another one. I can't mix cold salad dressing and warm salad dressing.It just doesn't taste right!"

Well you would think the next time you had a salad you would USE the other one to finish it and also use the newly opened one! Geesh!


I am also trying to knock out some lesson plans before heading out with another couple tonight for dinner and drinks. We have lots to celebrate tonight as we are moving and so are they! They are heading to Texas as my friend's husband just got into a PH.D program! So Texas teachers...any tips for her? She will be looking in Austin! She is NBCT and has her Masters. She teaches ESL!

Last year my friend and I co-taught during the literacy block! All the ESL students would come to my classroom for literacy and she would also come. We both taught together for 2 and a half hours a day! It was awesome. 

When it was time to do End of Grade (E.O.G's) testing she had a fantastic test taking strategy she made up! I made my own spin on it and am currently working on a unit! Here is a sneak peak!

I am in LOVE with this cover! I can't wait to finish this unit tonight or tomorrow! My kids are going to be introduced to it this week!

What do you think TRUNK stands for? 
Make a guess! If you can guess what TRUNK stands for I will give this to you for FREE once it is done! 

Better yet, if you can guess at least 3 of the 5 I will email it to you! I think it may be kinda hard! If you get all 5 right, I will also email you something else for free;)

Enjoy your Saturday Friends!


  1. This sounds like it will be great! Tricky though...
    My guess is :
    T- try every question
    R- read carefully
    U- underline
    N- no rushing
    K- key vocab
    Jen K.

    Jen K

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  2. You always create such fun and cute things. Here are my guesses...although I like Jen's better-

    Try your best
    Read and Review
    Use your time wisely
    Note the important details
    Keep the best choices

    Not a chance these are right....but trying to come up with words/phrases was fun.
    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. Cute! Here is my guess...

    Think about what the question is asking you
    Read and reread
    Use your strategies
    No stinking thinking
    Keep trying!

    I hope I win! I spent the morning looking for test taking strategies on Pinterest.

  4. I love the cover of your new product! This is hard but I will give it a shot.
    T - take your time
    R - read the question
    U - underline important information
    N - note....something
    K - keep trying

    Have a great dinner!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  5. My guess:
    Take the test twice
    Read all the choices
    Underline important info
    Number the paragraphs
    Keep your work organized

    Can't wait to find out if any of my guesses are right!

  6. Try your best
    Read and Review
    Use your noggin
    Keep trying

    Who knows?! This is hard!!

    Mindful Rambles

  7. T-take your time
    R-read the whole passage
    U-underline important information
    N-notice all possible answers
    K-keep on task

    This was hard! I'll be happy if I even got one right!
    Enchanting Elementary

  8. T: Think
    R: Remove answers that don't make sense
    U: Underline important information
    N: Name your labels
    K: Keep focused on your work

    Can't wait to see the real answers. I did a big test taking bulletin board for my kiddos at school. Would love new ideas.

  9. I cannot wait to hear what the answers are! This is a hard one. Let's see
    T - take your time
    R - read the questions carefully
    U - underline important information
    N - Never give up and
    K - keep on trying!

    Everyone has great ideas! I am always looking for test taking ideas for my kiddos. I am really looking forward to finding out the answers. kyuill@gmail.com

  10. I love your cover too! It's so pretty! Here's my guess:
    T- try your best
    R- read the questions first
    U- underline important information
    N- notes
    K-kick the wrong answers


    1. I will be sending you the unit! Great guesses!

  11. The cover is so cute to your strategies pack!
    I am not good at guessing these things but I will give it a go anyway!

    Throw out any wrong answers
    Re-read the problem to dig deeper
    Underline key words in the problem
    Never give up
    Keep on going


  12. How about Ten Rules U (YOU) Need to Know?

  13. This is a great idea! How about...

    T - check out the title
    R - read carefully
    U - underline important info
    N - number important ideas
    K - know you can do your best!

    Thanks for the chance!

  14. T- Read the TITLE
    R- READ carefully
    U- UNDERLINE Important information
    N- NUMBER ideas in order
    K- KEEP trying

  15. Thanks to all that made a guess. I did another blog post the day after explaining TRUNK and also having a TRUNK and other test taking items giveaway! Check out my newest blog post!