MLK update and a Rosa Parks Activity:)

My students loved learning about Marin Luther King!

To check their understanding, I posted two questions on my classroom blog

During our tech time, every student was able to answer both questions! I was so happy with their answers!
Here are a few:)

I LOVE it!

We started a voice thread too with their dreams, just like Martin had! I will share that when we are done!

Today we also did a little learning about Rosa Parks. My kids showed great interest in her when they heard about her and the bus boycott when learning about MLK. 

We watched a BrainPop video
We made a chart about what we learned

I found this free bus craft! 

Students then make a Rosa Parks book out of it. 

They turned out really cute! 
Great last minute Friday activity that was completely inquiry based! I love it when they decide what they want to learn!

Any big plans this weekend? Me...RELAX and CATCH UP! I am looking forward to this 3 day weekend! Bring it on!

In the mean time, I will be back this weekend with this:) I can't wait to show it to you all!

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