Our Friend Martain~an MLK Unit, FB Blog Hop, and Educents Shout Out

Happy Friday Friends!
Any big plans over the weekend? I realllllyyy have to catch up on some school stuff since I go back Monday...but at least my kids don't come back until Wednesday:)

I know one thing I will be adding to my lesson plans over the next few weeks is my Martain Luther King unit!

This unit is to go with the movie Our Friend Martin

This unit includes:

10 questions from the movie

posters for each question

response sheet with an answer key

2 time traveling writing activities

A character traits activity

Change Activity-how the main character Miles in the movie changed from the beginning to the end

BIG words Map for each of Dr. King's big words

I have a dream speech bubble activity

Don't have the movie....no problem! You can watch it on YouTube! 

My kids have always loved watching this movie!

My unit is available in both of my stores!

Want to win one for free? Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow...some pretty spectacular second grade teachers are doing something for YOU!
You won't want to miss it...check back tomorrow bright and early!

Have you picked this Educents Bundle up yet???

If you haven't...you really should!

Cynthia from My Kind of Teaching has an awesome geometry unit!

I really love and appreciate the
-I can posters
-essential question posters
-pre and post test
-anchor charts

Those help SO much when helping students understand WHAT it is they are learning and WHY they are learning it.  

Games include
-task cards-
-drawing shapes activities-

and I just LOVE the differentiated lesson plan activities!

I just can't say enough about this unit!

Time is now to grab this awesome bundle. You can get this unit, plus 21 others for $29.99

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I'd love to win your MLK unit. It looks terrific. I love that movie too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I've never seen the movie, but am excited to watch it. We no longer observe the day with a day off from school, so I'd love to show it to my kids. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Your MLK unit is amazing and I would love to use it with my second graders. So jealous of a workday on the first two days back. That's fantastic! I would love that extra time to get back in the swing before the kids arrive.


  4. Your MLK unit looks wonderful!


  5. I LOVE it! I show this movie to my class every year and they love it. We always end up having some great conversations as an entire class. I would love to have this unit to go with the movie.


  6. I would love to win this unit! amyjoy1024@comcast.net

  7. I haven't seen the movie but I would love to win the unit and show the movie.

    Thank you

  8. Awesome unit! Never heard of the movie. Would love a chance to win.

  9. Thanks so much for the link to the movie! I'd love to win this. teachnkick@gmail.com

  10. Thanks for sharing!
    ANNDDD Found another one from Educents! http://www.educents.com/featured-deals/kids-email-system-free-trial.html
    It's a free email program for kiddos - you can get copied on the kiddos emails and it has a bunch of blockers.