Hand and Heart~ a super easy 3D art project

Happy Monday friends! I wanted to stop by and share with you this fun art project I had my kids do! You see, we don't have art at my school so I try my best to teach it as much as I can. I feel it is super important to let the kids be creative! I try at least for one hour every week or every other week!

So with Valentine's Day last week I found this fun 3D Hand and Heart project. 

This is the original pin picture I found over at teachkidsart.net

I noticed this was for a 5th grade class, but I sure thought my 2nd grade kiddos could do it. 

Following her directions, step by step, I made my own first!
This is my hand and heart

So I gave my kids each a white sheet of paper

They needed
2 color markers-I would use something with a thin point. Lesson learned! 
a sharp pencil
a ruler

First you trace your hand lightly and draw a heart between your thumb and pointer finger

Then you draw super curved lines in your hand and heart with a pencil. The more lines the better

I then had the kids use their first marker to go over their pencil lines. I had then also use the second color to color in their heart. 

The next day we used the ruler to make straight lines with our pencil all over the paper. I had to teach them how to stop when they go to the hand and start again. They all got it. 

More lines together, the more 3D the paper will look.

Then they went over that with a marker. 

Here are some of the finished Hand and Heart projects!

I am SO impressed!!!

If you're looking for a fun and easy art project...this is it! The heart could be anything the kid wanted it to be!


  1. Super cool art project! I must try it.
    My Second Sense

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