In my opinion, my favorite pizza is....

Who doesn't love pizza??? 

Today my kiddos finished up their opinion papers on their favorite pizza and I just had to share!

Back this fall, I bought this fun pizza unit from the Lesson Plan Diva

We researched pizza
Read pizza stories
Described pizza
and finally picked our favorite one to write about!

I went to the local pizzeria and asked for some pizza boxes! I got 26!
The kids did their final draft, drew a slice of their pizza and added it to their box!

Today they laid out their reports on their desk and we had a walking gallery where students could read each others  papers

After 5 minutes, each student got 3 sticky notes to leave comments on ones they wanted to!

We are going to celebrate with a pizza party next week! 
If you are looking for a fun opinion unit, I highly recommend this one:)

Now...what unit should I do next???
Any suggestions?


  1. Sounds like so much fun!!
    Pizza is always a winner :)
    Miss Elementary

  2. I love that you even got pizza boxes and had them create their pizzas- so adorable! :)

    XO, Kelly Anne

  3. Yeah, who doesn’t love pizza? Everything about pizza is just exciting, isn’t it? No wonder those kids were thrilled to participate in your fun activity. As for suggestions, I think next time you can choose the best work, and reward them with an actual slices of pizza. Cheers!

    Shaun Leonard @ Vocelli Pizza