Let's have a Debate(freebie) and some Friday Freebie News!

So the school year is coming to and end and I am getting pretty emotional about everything! 7 days left with such a sweet bunch of kids and a great school to be at! My classroom is seriously EMPTY! I have 28 days to the T of when my hubby and I leave, so my mind has been at home with everything I need to do. I only get to take my step class ONE more time with my most favorite person ever. I am spending time with friends I might never see again.
Deep Breath Tonya.....

OK, I feel a bit better! I don't like change, I never have. It is very hard on me. But this change is huge and will be for the better! I am excited for this next chapter in my life and all the great things that are to come my way!

Just about a year ago to the day I blogged about this great debate activity I did with my class!
Well today, I did it with my class and they loved it!

I started off by breaking them into two groups. They had to think about what season they liked better, summer or winter. Once they were in their groups they had to list everything they liked about that season. I gave them chart paper, markers, and 10 minutes!

Then we sat in our two groups facing each other. Each team had 5 minutes to explain their reason for liking that season. After Summer and Winter sides went, they had time to ask questions, and debate their reasoning! They loved it!

One of my favorite parts was all about the popsicles. Summer people said you can have popsicles to cool off, but winter people said they melt in the heat so it is better to have them in the winter! 

Then I gave them an article from Time for Kids and we talked about the debate
I was surprised to hear that many of my kids didn't think they should be able to get on social networking sites!

Finally, we read one more article. It was about vending machines in schools. I then asked my students to pick a side...

I was VERY impressed with a few of their responses and mad at myself for not taking them home today! One girl said "only healthy snacks should be in vending machines for a few reasons. First, if a school is trying to be a healthy school they need to put healthy snacks in the machine. Second, kids will 90% of the time pick the unhealthy snacks. They are tempted too much by them being in the vending machine."

This is a very easy and simple way to introduce debate to your class. My kids loved it and wanted to do more! If you click on my original post above, it will take you to this activity for FREE:)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the 6 people who have already signed up for my Friday Freebie! I can't believe it! 

Do you want to participate in my Friday Freebie? I made it easier than ever to sign up! So instead of emailing me to see what Friday's are available, you can sign up through SignUp Genius! 

Have you heard of this before? My school uses it all the time to sign up for things! It is awesome!

All you have to do is click HERE and it will take you to my SignUp Genius page!  

You pick a Friday you want to be featured and sign up! Then follow the directions at the top of the page and there you have it! Simple and Easy!
I started it July 12th because that is the next date I need someone to sign up! You can sign up more than once if you want. I just recommend having the Fridays spaced apart! 

I can't wait to see who signs up! Have a great rest of your Tuesday night!


  1. I love this idea for helping to teach writing! Thank you for sharing:)

    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  2. Aww, I bet your emotions really are running wild! Bless your heart! It will all work out! Change is definitely hard! But then you'll get through it and look back and feel stronger for it! (It's hard leaving everyone!)

    But, I love this idea! It looks great! Thank you so much for sharing it! I've pinned it for next year!

    Good luck closing out your school year and getting packed!
    Collaboration Cuties