My Summer Bucket List Linky Party!!!

I can't believe summer is almost here! I have just 10 more days with my sweets! And 10 more days to get my classroom packed up! Every day I am taking a little bit home so eventually there will be nothing left! 

So today I am linking up with 3 fantastic bloggers to talk about my BIG summer plans! Thanks Miss-Kindergarten, A Cupcake for the Teacher, and A Modern Teacher for another awesome summer linky party!

My big summer plans revolve around this...
Well, the FIRST thing I will be doing as soon as I am done with school is packing, selling and cleaning! Sounds like fun huh! Anyone want to come help???

Then in June 26th, my hubby and I along with 3 cats will be packed up in his car and doing this fun drive, yup...I said fun:/
Anyone live along that way? haha

Then, we are staying in Seattle for 2 days, dropping off our car to be shipped and flying to Honolulu..still with 3 cats..for GOOD!

Our stuff should arrive a few weeks later and so should the car! We will be living with my in-laws for awhile until we can both secure jobs, save some money and buy a house! 

I still have no word on a teaching job yet, but I am VERY hopeful!

I will be spending most of my short summer, since schools start a bit sooner than I am used to in Hawaii, learning my way around , unpacking, getting settled, and of course...going to the beach! I'm very excited to see an old teacher friend who I taught 1st grade with a few years ago. Lauren and her husband moved from NC to HI last year! It will be nice to have her around for a bit. They aren't staying:( I am also SO excited to meet a few bloggers from Hawaii! I am sure they will make me feel very welcome!

I'm excited for summer and this big transition in my life! What are you doing this summer?

Come stop my new Facebook page for a sneak peek at my new design! I can't wait until it is done! Should be tomorrow!!!  


  1. Good luck on your move! I would love to visit Hawaii.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. Oh wow! A move to Hawaii? Such a huge undertaking! Good luck with moving and securing a job :-)

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  3. Wow! That is an incredible adventure you are embarking on...glad I found you through the linky and will get to see your pictures of Hawaii :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  4. What a drive that will be! But I've always wanted to do something like that! You'll get so see so many neat things on the way I'm sure! And the destination will be amazing ;)


  5. WOW! Good luck! Looks like a fun new adventure is just ahead. Enjoy!

  6. Moving to Hawaii!??! So much fun!!! {Do you follow Teaching With Style?? She just moved to Hawaii last summer!} Looks like you're going to have a busy summer! Thanks for linking up with us! P.S. I am in LOVE with your pin it hover button!!!

  7. So awesome! I just found out I'll be moving, but not to somewhere as beautiful as Hawaii. I'm not too far off of your route, so if I'm still here at that point, maybe we can meet! :) Good luck with your busy summer!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad