A weekly Behavior form that WORKS!

Happy Labor Day weekend friends! I hope you are all enjoying this extra time off:) I know I sure am!  From going out to breakfast, a pedicure, naps, take out, cookouts, and a BBQ I say I am pretty relaxed! Now, if I can just get to the beach;)

I want to share something I give a try at from Kim over at Finding the JOY in 6th Grade. She blogged about her best classroom management strategy ever. It was this weekly behavior sheet she made

What I REALLY loved is she has it for free AND it is in word so you can change it to meet your needs. 

I haven't used a behavior sheet like this in years because I never had to. This year, I need to! At least for now. They just are so talkative and disruptive I couldn't take it any more. So starting Tuesday They had a new weekly behavior sheet. I used Kim's and made it to fit the needs of my class! 

I just added the teacher initial, parent initial, and changed the wording on the behavior choices to fit what I do in my class! Here is a student example!
I tell you what...the rest of my week ran SO smooth! Parents liked it, I like it and the kids actually like it! If they get a great day, they get a token from me! I plan on explaining my tokens with my Super Improver Wall here this week!

I would highly recommend heading over to Kim's blog and downloading this freebie! It might help out your classroom management!

Enjoy your weekend!

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