The BFG Unit

LAME...I know...working on a school related project on a FRIDAY night! Yup! My husband is downstairs working hard on his LAST weekend of grad school for this semester and he was tons of papers and final exams to do over the weekend. So what that really means for me, is I can finally work on things I need to for school...since I have been putting it off enjoying my spring break;)

Last year my 3rd graders did a book study project on The BFG and LOVED it! At the end of the book, they each completed a poster of their assigned chapter and created a new and improved drink for the BFG. They had to write a commercial and we recorded it. They also actually made their drink and we had a class celebration where we tried everyone's new drink! As we were enjoying some new drinks we watched all the commercials as I put them together in windows movie maker. It was awesome!

So of course I want to do it again this year...but it has to be altered a bit. For my reading class this year, I co-teach with the ESL teacher and only teaching reading to the ESL kiddos! I love it so much! This book is WAY beyond their reading level, especially my newcomers from Vietnam and Uganda! But I just have to do this project and my co-teacher loves the idea. So I am working this weekend to tailor it to their ability! I will be doing it as a read aloud instead of partner reading and reading homework.  Once I am done with this notebook I am creating for them I will have it up on here ready for everyone to preview!

Here is a look at what I have so far! I hope you like it!


  1. Hi! Did you ever finish this? I am starting a BFG unit for my 4/5 remedial combo. I'd love to use this for my students! I hope it went well for you.

    1. Yes, it's one of my best sellers in my tpt shop!