Bully Free Project-in the works!

So I wanted to do something different this week in social studies! I am a bit late for October's Bully Free month, but better late than never right???

My idea came from the NEA's website for Bully Free Starts With Me! I saw this picture on the side and knew I wanted to do something similar!
So I started off my lesson with this picture. It is from Bullying Prevention Now.
I know it is a high school picture, but my 3rd graders understood what was happening. We talked about the picture and how it was displaying bullying. 

Then, I used Bullying task cards created by the oh-so-popular Unseen001 from ProTeacher. 
 She is AMAZING! She creates FREE task cards I use daily! I honestly love her! I need to do another post just on her! You can get her free bully task cards HERE.

Then we watched the Bully Free Song! They LOVED it!

Today, I wrote these two things in the board!
1. How does a bully make you feel?
2. How can I be a good friend?

They used two sheets of blank white paper and write one word or statement in the middle to express their answers for the questions. Then I took their picture!

Tomorrow we will break into groups. I will give each group a location such as the lunch room, recess, bathroom, hallway, specials. They will have to write down bullying situations that happen and friendship situations that can happen.
Then they will create a short skit for each part-bullying and friendship. I will video tape their skit. 

Once they are all done, I will use the pictures and videos together to create a Bully Free Starts with ME video! I am super excited and so far everything is going well! 

What do you think?


  1. I am a big advocate for anti bullying so I LOVE these ideas!!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I love this, Tonya! Well done! I would love to use these with my Fab 4s.

    Peacocks & Penguins

  3. This is such a good idea! I am pinning this to remember :)

  4. Thanks guys! They are really getting into it! Today the groups got their location and started brainstorming ideas!