I can't believe it...they GOT it:)

I just have to express how awesome and amazing my kiddos are! Usually multiplication is SO hard! So all week I have been teaching and modeling the different strategies I had on this graphic organizer I made!
Each day we would do a quick review of the one from yesterday and then teach the new one that day! During guided math we would practice the strategy they learned that day too! So today we finished all the strategies on this sheet! 

During guided math today I decided to give each student a blank copy of the graphic organizer. Then I wrote 8 different multiplication problems on the board. I gave each student a different problem. They had to fill the graphic organizer out all by themselves without my help! And you know what...not one needed my help! AND they all got 100%...Are you kidding me???? They are going to ace their mini assessment tomorrow! Or so I hope! Check these out! And one of them is my buddy's paper-one that is very low! SO excited! If you are interested in this unit, you can pick it up at either one of my stores!

So to celebrate with all of you my students hard work, you can click HERE to get this graphic organizer for free:) 

Since their mini assessment tomorrow is VERY short, I wanted to go a fun activity with them to practice some more! I found this picture on Pinterest but the link was broken!
This is how I am going to do this! Since now the Common Core has 3rd graders just multiplying to 10 that is what I am going to do. And instead of arrays only, I am going to give them a choice of showing the problem from one of the options on the graphic organizer. 

I created these cards to cut out and place in a jar. 
click the picture to get the cards for free:)
Each student will pull out a problem and have to solve it with one of the strategies on an index card. Once they have it complete, they will show me and then glue it in the right spot. Then, they can do another one. I hope they like it! I will post pictures when it is complete! 

On a side note...I am ONE person away from 600 followers! I plan on doing a giveaway here this weekend...something to do with the number 6! Check back this weekend! Maybe even tomorrow;) Have a great night and just think, tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Thank you to those that leave comments-it sure makes me smile when I read them:)


  1. Thanks for the free graphic organizer Tonya!

  2. Love the organizer. You're the best!

  3. What a great organizer! It feels GREAT when they finally get it - doesn't it!

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  4. Tried downloading the files and it says "trashed by owner"