Helloooooo Multiplication

Yup, you read it right! It's that time of year again in 3rd grade when we leave place value, addition and subtraction to begin multiplication! So last Thursday we had a review day filled with addition, subtraction and place value centers! Then we had our test Friday....which I still need to grade before tomorrow:(

Tomorrow is the beginning to multiplication and I was trying to think of a new approach to introducing it. So I found this on Pinterest and was so excited about it...but the link was broken:(
Well, I knew I wanted the kids to have this as a graphic organizer in their math notebook! So, well...I just whipped up this Ways to Show Multiplication Unit! Posters and all to use with the graphic organizer!

I really like how it turned out! I hope the kids find it useful this week as I teach each one of these strategies! You can pick yourself up a copy at either one of my stores! 

While I am on the topic of multiplication, I have always used songs to get the kids to remember their facts quick! I HATE counting on the fingers! By 3rd grade they need to know how to add/subtract without their fingers! So here are a few of my songs I use! 

These are a part of my Sweet Multiplication Facts Unit

I plan on uploading just the songs to TPT and TN today! So, how do you begin multiplication in your classroom? 

Would you like EVERYTHING you saw here today for FREE? Just leave me a comment describing something fun you do to teach multiplication. I will use the number generator tomorrow evening and pick the lucky winners-yes winners! I will give everything here to 5 people for FREE!

Good Luck! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. This is the time we begin multiplication in our rooms too. I introduce using story problems the students need to solve. For arrays we use the "Candy Company". They are to design a box for "X" number of candies. They have to figure out all the boxes the company could make. They use grid paper to make the boxes. We also play "Circles and Stars". They roll a die and that is the circles, roll again and that is the number of stars in each. I then have them record the multiple ways to write this on the bottom of the page. We have created mini books and the students take the game home for homework and are asked to play two games with an adult.

  2. I only teach Reading & SS, but my partner-in-crime (math teacher) uses mostly array's and tables of skip counting b/c that is how they see it on their state test. My partner-in-crime is Teacher of the Year for our District, but her room is by no means, "cutesy". Since she has so many people visiting her classroom, she's asked me to help her a little & these posters would be perfect!!!

  3. I would love, love, love to win this......I don't teach multiplication until later in the year, but I try to use a lot of games and manipulatives so they understand the meaning of multiplication.

    Success in Second Grade

  4. I start Unit 5 tomorrow as well, multiplication. I am using a lot of manipulatives, PPTs and Brainpop videos :)

    I always show the math monsters video on multiplying towards the end of the unit as well :)

  5. I read a cute book called Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies to introduce multiplication and then do a hands on array project.I have a post on my blog about it too.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  6. I'm wit you- I like to use a mix! I also like to use unit bars, like in Singapore Math, even though we don't have that program. I pull my kids up in different sized groups, and I talk about handing out pretend food. Students draw unit bars on their whiteboards, and then w check together!


  7. I like to show School House Rock videos. My favorite is "3 is a Magic Number." I teach 5th grade, but am reviewing multiplication with my remediation group for Power Up.

    Young Daze in 5th Grade

  8. One thing that my kids love to do when learning arrays is to use stickers to make arrays.Students fold a paper into 4 boxes labeled multiplication, repeated addition, equal groups, and arrays. I give them each a different multiplication sentence (or repeated addition or groups- hello differentiation) and then they fill in the rest of the boxes on their paper and get to make an array out of stickers. You would think I was handing out candy or something just by taking the sticker bucket out!

  9. After our 'serious' learning...I love to play multiplication fact bingo. I move fairly quickly...so naturally the winners are the ones with their facts memorized. Bit of incentive to learn them, that's for sure!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. While my school uses everyday math, as a sped teacher for the past 21 years...(moved to 3rd grade now!) I am a HUGE fan of touch math and skip counting. I have this OLD cd called skip count kid.....it is fro the 70's! the songs are annoying, but work! The kids love it and learn their facts so quickly using the combo of touch math and skip counting! We will start multiplication in 3 weeks.......yikes!

  11. When teaching multiplication I use lots of songs like you do and I also use rhymes to help students memorize some of the more difficult facts. We also use rocket math to help promote fact memorization.

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  12. I hope my comment will count, even though I haven't taught multiplication in ten years! I am however tutoring after school and one of my little girls is struggling with it, so I am looking for fun ways to help her! This looks great and I think it might really help her...:) Thanks for the giveaway....I hope I win!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  13. We still have a bit before we roll into multiplication but I have done a few fun things in the past. First we watch School House Rock. The kids love the multiplication songs. We actually sang "Three is a Magic Number" for our graduation one year. We also do multiplication sundaes where the kids earn parts to their sundae by passing a timed facts test. Our ice cream sundae party is such a fun way to celebrate all of their hard work. Multiplication games round it out.

    Thanks for another great product and giveaway to go with it!

  14. I also teach 3rd grade and am dreading moving onto multiplication. These look great! I love your products.


  15. LOVE the little songs you have! I try to use picture books like "Each Orange had Eight Slices" etc. to help introduce the concepts.


  16. I teach 3rd grade as well and we begin multiplication in two weeks. All of these resources would be awesome!


  17. We JUST started multiplication on Wednesday. We sing songs (some from cds, some we made up ourselves (rather my fellow 3rd grade more musical bestie), or used the ones passed down from the previous teachers of 3rd grade at our school. We watch Schoolhouse rock too! We stamp arrays, put stickers and counters and everything else into equal groups, etc. We also do lots of practice with buddies and flashcards, mad minutes, and we learn how to use a multiplication chart, which they've all thought was a weird hundred chart on their name tags ;)
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  18. This is my first year teaching 3rd grade so I don't have many tricks of the trade just yet. One thing I did at the end of the year with my 2nd graders was a multiplication bubble gum challenge. I gave each student a paper with 1 group of 11 multiplication facts. example: 0 facts; 0x1 0x2 0x3 and so on. Once the student mastered the 0 facts, they got the next paper with the 1 facts on it and so on through the 10 facts. When a student could correctly fill out each paper they were able to chew gum in the class for a day. My students LOVED it. I made a cute poster for it and the students really worked hard to learn their facts. I took at poll of the class on what types of gum to purchase and each day I had a few kids who earned their gum. It was a great way to end the year/unit.


  19. Oh my goodness! I love all your ideas! I have a student teacher this year and boy, does she need help. She is having issues teaching multiplication to the kiddies. I think this would be a great resource for her and me!!



  20. My kids love to play moo. It's a skip counting game that involves listening and fact practice. The kids sit in a circle. A multiple is chosen, let's say multiples of 3. The kids start counting around the circle - 1, 2, BUT when it's your turn and it's a multiple of 3, you say moo instead of the multiple. 1, 2, MOO, 4, 5, MOO... They love making the moo noises and their skip counting improves as a result. LOVE your multiple ways to show multiplication!!

    1. just in case I'm randomly chosen...kblessey@att.net :)

  21. Mainly I use arrays, but I use fingers to teach the 9's trick. We also count by 5's and 10's. I teach second so we just start to introduce.
    These activities we great enrichment for my high students.


  22. I am doing multiplication right now too. Love,love School House Rock! It doesn't matter that it is ages old. The kids LOVE it! I also use Hap Palmer's Multiplication Mountain CD and play the songs over and over. Each song is different genre of music and perfect for movement along with singing.


  23. One activity we do is to wear nametags or actually laminated index cards around our necks with a math fact. The answer to the fact is the name we go by that day. I stole this from pinterest some time ago. The kids love it.

  24. I love games that involve movement and songs. Thanks for the opportunity.


  25. We just began multiplication too! We have been singing songs to help learn counting by different numbers. I also like giving the students problems to work out with manipulatives.

  26. I don't teach math as I am an ESL teacher, but. I love your ideas! When I help kids with multiplication I rely a lot on skip counting or equal groups. I also try to have kids act out problems with students in class, manipulatives, or objects on the smartboard. I love your songs as I find I typically have very musical kiddos.

  27. Gracious good lord! I adore all your thoughts! I have a scholar educator in the not so distant future and kid, does she need help. She is having issues instructing duplication to the kiddies. I think this might be an incredible asset for her and me!! i love this Math Practice Games