Multiplication Table project and a Halloween Freebie

Happy Friday Friends! I hope everyone had a great week! I am not feeling good (ears, throat, tired..blah!) Hoping to have a relaxing weekend of nothing and possibly head to the doctor tomorrow! Last school year I had strep 6 times and I don't want a repeat of that this thank you!

Yesterday I told you we were going to do a multiplication table project that I saw on Pinterest!

Well, the kids LOVED it! They were so excited to draw and color during math! And to top it off, they did such a great job at this project! It took them about an hour to complete but the results are awesome! 

Here is my table before! It's not the straightest table you will see, or even, but oh well!

Then, students each got an index card and pulled a multiplication problem out of a bag! They had to show that problem in one of the 5 ways I taught them-arrays, repeated addition, fact families, grouping, or skip counting. Once they did their index card in pencil, they had to show me to make sure it was correct. If it was correct, they got to color it and then had to show me on the board where it went before gluing it on!

Here they are placing it on the board!

All complete!

Then I made a quick sign, printed out the strategy posters and added them to the top!

SO cool huh? I am really proud of it! I had a few people stop in my room at the end of the day to say how cool they thought the board was! So so proud of my kiddos! And to top it off...their test today...WOW! I have been teaching 3rd grade for 4 years and this group gets it! 

On another note, since Halloween is right around the corner and I have yet to make anything or do anything in my classroom related to Halloween-sorry Lisa from Learning is Something to Treasure. I know you BOOed me...but I have nothing to write about:( I am SO out of the loop with this holiday this year! 

But now, I have made some Halloween No Homework Passes!

I would LOVE to give some of these away! All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me about your favorite childhood Halloween memory-don't forget to leave your email otherwise I can't send it to you!
So here are a few of mine! 

I remember my mom making me a bat costume in the 4th grade! It was SO cool!  I lived on top of a hill with a massive driveway. I remember getting off the bus, running up the hill, still wearing my bat costume. My dad was blowing leaves and my Giant Schnauzer Jack was running to see me. Later that night I went trick or treating with my best friend Lori! I remember coming home and sorting through the candy and my baby sister Mallorie was trying to get into my bag! 
 I also remember one more thing I just HAVE to share! My mom was the queen of making me costumes and clothing! I usually didn't match and had some very unique costumes. This next costume, well..I mean seriously...can you tell what my mom made me this year??? 
 Take a wild guess...I am curious to see if anyone can get this! And yes, this is in 1988! 

I swear, one last thing:) Check back tomorrow for the start of my 600 follower giveaway! YEA! Have a great night!


  1. 6 times?? That's a lot of strep throat! Love the multiplication table!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Oh yes...and I have my tonsils out! Had them out when I was 5! My doctor and husband, who is a nurse practitioner, said I probably had a carrier in my class last year! HAHA! I can pick it up like the drop of a hat!

  3. My favorite childhood Halloween memory is going trick or treating with my cousin in matching handmade Belle from Beauty and the Beast costumes made by my mom.
    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  4. I LOVE that multiplication chart!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on 600 :)
    My Second Sense

  5. I love that multiplication table, my 3's are struggling with it guess what we are doing next week! Thanks for sharing the idea (:
    We don't really celebrate Halloween that much in Australia, so I can't share any memories with you. I think you look like a chook (chicken) in that outfit?
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  6. I remember in elementary school, our principal (who smoked his pipe in the building :) ) dressed up as a chocolate chip cookie and handed out chocolate chips to all the kids.

  7. Oops! Thanks for the passes!!

  8. My favorite Halloween memory was when we did a balloon game at home before trick or treating. My dad put numbers in balloons and had a table full of "big" candy bars. My brother and I took turns popping balloons and getting the prize on the paper inside. Love all you multiplication stuff.


  9. I absolutely love the multiplication idea! I just forwarded the email to my student teacher to begin brainstorming how to make it work for us. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Well done!

    Always A Lesson

  10. I love that multiplication chart!

    My favorite Halloween Memory... Well I can only thing of ones I don't enjoy reliving. Haha. Love when my mom made my sister and I dress up like Raggedy Ann and Andy. Guess who had to be Andy?? haha

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  11. I love that chart! I have to remember it for next year.

    My favorite Halloween memory... well I have never been a fan of Halloween but I do remember that living in WNY every costume ended up not being what it was planned due to weather. I was once supposed to be a cheerleader... I ended up looking like the Buffalo Bills linebacker because it was so cold my uncle had to bundle me up in a ton of his Bills attire. haha
    Third Grade Tidbits

  12. My favorite Halloween memory is the year our class play was the day before Halloween. I was disappointed I wasn't a little witch, but my mom made me an awesome little green goblin costume for the play, and I wore it trick-or-treating too. Lots of comments on how original my costume was, lots of extra candy.
    I think you might be Madonna in the 1988 photo.

  13. I love ,love the multiplication chart - we are SO going to do this!! Thanks for the idea. My mom also made all my Halloween costumes and my two favorites were a monkey and the other was Raggedy Ann. Would love the homework passes too:)

  14. I will be sending out the passes tomorrow! Sorry for being so late! It's been nice spending the day with my hubby! Madonna is a great guess, but nope! I don't think anyone will guess it! It is, well, a rather different idea my mom had. I felt dumb!

  15. Tonya, I absolutely LOVE your multiplication activity!! I am going to do that with my kiddos and I will give you full credit for the inspiration. My favorite Halloween memory is from when I was an adult. I lived in an old farm house with a front porch. I dressed up as a witch and sat on a rocking chair and didn't move a muscle. Kids would come up and ring the doorbell. I would wait a second or two then reach out and touch one of them on the arm or back. Scared the bejesus out of them!! Years later they would still tell me that was the best Halloween scare they ever had! :)

    I would love your Halloween homework passes. My email is

  16. So love your multiplication table idea. I'm definitely going to have to do that this year once we get into multiplication. Thanks for the idea.

    My favorite Halloween memory was when I dressed up like a Hershey's kiss and everyone thought I was the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz!


  17. I love the multiplication chart. I was wondering if you could share the signs you made. Those look great.

    1. They are a part of my Ways to Show Multiplication Unit on TPT or TN. The unit is currently on sale!

  18. I've always loved Halloween! I just remember one year it was so cold it snowed on Halloween night. Your homework passes are really cute!
    Teachin' First

  19. I love your Halloween passes, too cute! I remember having chicken pox on Halloween so we didn't go out trick or treating but we did get to wear our costumes to the doctor that day and they gave out bags of candy! So that made it a little better!

  20. I would really love these. My favorite memory is trick or treating at night in the city.

  21. I love this and I will definitely be doing this with my fourth graders. Is there any chance you could share the posters you made on the top?

  22. The posters on top of the multiplication chart are for sale in my TpT shop! I hope it goes well for you! My 3rd graders last year LOVED this!

  23. I would love the HW passes! My favorite Halloween memory is the awesome spooky house in my neighborhood growing up! Thanks!

  24. Hi! Do you happen to have the multiplication facts you had students draw from a bag in a document? If so and you are willing to share that would be awesome!

  25. Do you have the posters for the Multiplication Quilt? The ones above the quilt with the 5 strategies. Thank you!

    1. They are in my TpT shop
      I really need to update this!