Day 1 in my new classroom!

I FINALLY got some time to work in my room! I was up and ready to go super early this morning! My husband had somewhere to be at 7 so he needed the car. He dropped me off at Starbucks and I had someone special come and pick me up!

I was lucky enough to meet the super sweet Angelia from Extra Special Teaching.
She had a meeting to go to, right by my school so she dropped me off so I could work in my room!

As soon as I walked in, I got right to work! Mind you...there are a few things different about my new classroom compared to my old classroom...

1. no air condition-I have two fans and a nice cross breeze
2. no kidney table
3. cockroaches and read that right! Hawaii has a HUGE problem with these. Luckily I only found one dead one in my room! BUT tons outside my door...YUCK

First I had to take down the butcher paper and trimmers the last teacher left up...Then take down all the newspaper around my 10...yes 10 bookshelves.  I needed to figure out my arrangement, move stuff around and then I could get started with putting things up and organized. 

I did not get to all the shelves and crap that was left in my room. That is going to take a day in itself:(

Here are the before pictures

Here are the pictures of what I accomplished today! 

Ugh...the green fabric is messed up! Hopefully the posters will hide that problem! 
Also that picture frame is my OHANA poster. The kids will bring their picture frames and place them on the top of these bookshelves(that need to be cleaned out...yuck)

 stuff I need to put up still! 

I can't wait to be done. Everything you see in bins or bookshelves is NOT MINE and I need to go through it. There is seriously soooo much stuff! 
When I am all done, I will show you a class tour!!!

So when Angelia picked me up, we headed over to Chili's for an early dinner with another special person! 

Corinna from Surfin' Through Second is just as sweet in person as she is in the blogging world!
I have seriously made some lifelong friends! These ladies rock!

We stayed for almost 2 hours! I was nice to chat about school and Hawaii stuff:) 
Yes, and no picture. I was rather happy about that because I think I lost 5lbs from sweating so much:( 

I hope you all have a happy friday! I am excited to share this day with my husband. Shrimp truck, beach, shaved ice, and a food truck rodeo are in the plans!!!


  1. I love looking at your pictures! Thanks for sharing! I'm so jealous of your room with the large windows and tiled floor (I have carpet, yuck). Can't wait to see the final finished room, good luck with the cockroaches and geckos!

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. How cool that you have become real world friends with two blogging friends?! You got a lot accomplished in your room today. I think the first day is the most overwhelming because I have to figure out where to start.

    Renee J

  3. Geckos don't bother me by cockroaches are disgusting! Good luck! I am itching to get back into my room but they just finished summer school so I know my room won't be ready for at least another week! AUGH! So much to do!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  4. accomplished a lot! (Usually at the end of the first day I look around and wonder what I did!) I love the size of your room, but the geckos and cockroaches I could do without. Alive or dead, thank you.

    Looking forward to the next post!

  5. what fun! Your new classroom looks big! :) Can't wait to see more


  6. What fun! I had a lot to go through from the previous teacher too, but it is getting there.

    Keep it up!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  7. Looks great so far. I love the birthday months, would you mind sharing where that came from. I remember seeing that on a blog and should have pinned it but I didn't . Thanks in advance.

    1. I got them from Ashley over at That's so Second Grade. But they were a limited freebie on her facebook 2nd grade hop. She might have them in her store!

  8. Don't worry about your room, it will come in time. I antagonize over mine every year and I'm entering my 34th year of teaching special needs students. Just remember, it doesn't matter if you or your room is ready, they will come. Take it one day at a time, it will all come together!