Workin' Hard for the Money-positive classroom management system-flash freebie for fans!

I have FINALLY finished this new classroom management system I came up with! I am really excited about it and hope that my new second grade kiddos will have a firm understanding of money by the end of the year and also hopefully my year will run smooth with behavior!

Today I bring you

As soon as I get into the classroom and have this all set up, I will blog about it again! 

This management system is for individual students, teams or groups of students, and whole class. I will go through each one and explain how I plan on using it!

Individual Rewards

You can either buy the Steno books like I did, or use the ones I made in this unit!
There are many colors, lined paper, blank paper, and black and white copies! 

I also bought these bright pencil pouches from Amazon that students will keep their notebook and their money in. 

Also on Amazon, I got this ID badge carrier with zippers for me. This way, I can keep my coins inside for easy handout:)
I plan on handing out coins to students are going above and beyond. It can be anything from helping a friend pick something up, using polite words, working well together...the list goes on and on. I will have coins in the pouch and just pull one out. I might be a penny, dime, quarter or nickel. 

Students will record their money in their notebooks at the end of the day or week. I have to see how things go. 

Students can use their money to buy reward tickets! I have 32 different free reward tickets included in this unit!

Group Rewards

I found this pin from F is for First Grade and loved it!

I have made different group posters to display like the above picture. I plan on using the TRIBES posters because my new school uses the TRIBES learning community
So instead of the animals I would use these

I have one poster for penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar. 

Each time I see a group do something I feel deserves a positive reward, I will give them the money dice and let them roll! What ever they land on, I will place by their group poster. I just made money dice from blank foam dice at the teacher store! 

Or I might just have them pull a coin out of a jar. I haven't decided yet!

At the end of the week, whoever has the most money will will a free item ticket. 

Whole Class Reward

As a class I plan on having students come up with ways they can earn money! I think in the beginning of the year we will set a goal for the day! The goal might be 10 cents and gradually increase.  I made some posters for this to display in the class!

My plan is to stick with the goal for the week. If they make their goal for the week, the class will get a sticker on a weekly calendar. If they can get their goal at least 7 times out of the 9 weeks they will get a class celebration! This is what I am thinking right now! I don't want ot be doing class celebrations each week! 

Here are some of the celebrations I made in this unit.

I made one that I would use and a blank one if teachers don't want to use the one I made. In this unit, it also explains how to make this scratch off style...which I think the kids would really LOVE!

I also made some wheel rewards where they can spin the paperclip around the pencil on the wheel as another option

Of course I added a blank one!

The other part about this unit I made was money cards. You can print these money cards in case you don't have fake money!
They are in color and black and white as well

The only other thing I wanted to share right now about this is another option of rewards. Instead of reward tickets you can use the Decide Now App on Android or Apple!

This is what I plan on doing instead of printing all those cards. I will have an individual wheel, group wheel, and whole class wheel. I played around with this app for awhile and just love it. I really think the kids will too! 

What do you think? I can't wait to get this set up and show you real classroom pictures! 

I will be adding it to my store today! BUT if you follow and like my Facebook page, you can get it NOW...for FREE...under freebies!

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  1. Ah darn, I missed it. I so want to try this for the coming year. I'm heading to your store right now.

  2. So I am doing something very similar to this in my classroom. I did it last year and my kids understood money better than if I had just taught lessons all year. My problem is I teach students who have a hard time with their "sticky fingers". How do you make sure that students aren't taking other students fake coins. Even thought they aren't worth anything outside of school, I still had students taking hard earned coins out of other student's desks. I would love to know if anyone has had success in managing this.

    1. I haven't used it yet, but in their steno books, I would have them write down the amount too! I would love to hear other ideas as well!

  3. When I first came up with the idea to use the Decide Now app as part of my classroom management, I never in a million years thought the idea would catch on the way it has. It's so great to see so many other teachers incorporating it into their classrooms with success! :)