I can write the PURRRRfect Response

Hello Friends!

So today as I was sitting in a workshop and a new idea for a reading response center popped into my head..I needed something to keep my attention today! HAHA!

For their independent reading time students will read a story and write from the weekly reading response! I do not want students to write every day. During Independent reading, students should be READING and not writing all the time. I also think to get a well written reading response students should only have one to focus on. What do you think?

I was also thinking about this instead of my task cards. I found students wasting time during independent reading trying to pick which task card to use. I mean, I could use my task cards and just pull one a week...but I really like having this out for the WHOLE class to use the same one!


I plan on making them half sheet size, but was also thinking of making a whole sheet! 

I need your input!

Whole sheet or half sheet? Both?

Add cats or not add cats to the reading response? Both?

Would you like to see a blank and white set too?

I plan on having all of these colors with the set

I hopefully will have this done tomorrow! I have a few other things I reallllyyy want to work on! 

I can't wait to read your input! 
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. well, adding more pages will up the price customers will have to pay, so keep that in kind...but I think anything you do to make your product versatile helps it to sell, so I would put BOtH half & full sheets, as well as color and B&W. I also think adding the cats to the response sheets help your students make connections back to the anchor charts, and that will hopefully remind them of your expectations;)
    I love this! cute idea;)

    1. Very true. I do my best to keep my products as cheap as possible! I so understand a budget! HAHA! I also plan on including an exemplar of what I would be looking for and what I wouldn't be looking for. I hope it will help guide students in writing a purrrrfect response;)

  2. I agree of having variety, that way they can adapt it to their classroom needs. I wanted no cat, but having them make the connection would be great.

    1. I have so far half sheets, whole sheets, black and white. With cats on all of them and without cats on all of them! Now I need to go type in my responses and make the exemplars!

  3. I like the half sheets. Or you could make them even smaller and have students glue them into their notebook above their response. Just a thought!

    I have also struggled with reading response because I want the kids to read during reading time, not always writing. Thanks for your insights!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. I like the half sheets a lot and I also like having a black and white option. This is a great idea!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  5. I also like the half sheets. I love Jennifer's idea too!



  6. I like the half sheets. Maybe have some with cats and without. Too cute!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  7. I love the cats! I would prefer half sheets due to printing and storage. B&W would appease people who don't have the option for colour printing costs. I absolutely had to click on this post because my cat is called Jaspurr, so I love the word play!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings