Super Improvers Wall Freebie and some Color Label updates

What two days in a row??? You must be joking! Well actually I am typing this early because I have my first workshop tomorrow at 8:30am! YIKES! I am just trying to get settled and I am already back to work. I knew this was going to happen, and I am ok with it. I just keep telling myself...I moved to is ok:) 

On another job note..two things. Yesterday's shopping at store one...was a 2 hour success! I will blog about it when I take pictures of the 12 bags and 5 boxes of binders I walked out of there with.

And I also got my contract yesterday! Yeah for being an official employee of Hawaii:)

OK, back to the good stuff!

A few weeks back I made my color labels for organization

I got a great response from these and I really appreciate it. Many of the comments were about the paint chip pencils and saying how much they loved those. 

I emailed Krista Wallden from The Creative Chalkboard to see what she could do about doing a brown, black and white set. You know what...she emailed me from Germany with the clip art! She ROCKS!

So I was able to update this set with the new paint chip pencils!!!
I love them! There are different types of labels in this set! 

You can pick them up in both of my stores! 

This year I am going to try and add the Super Improver Wall to my Whole Brain Teaching. I love WBT and I think this is going to be a great addition! 

I downloaded for free these awesome Super Improver Wall cards from Tara at Little Minds at Work.
I really wanted the stars to go with it so...I made some:)

For each level is a star that matches the color of Tara's wall! 

You can get these cards for FREE at my TpT shop! 
All I ask is you just leave some feedback both here and my shop! It means the world to me!

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!


  1. Cute labels. I am planning on making an organizer for my fellow teacher as a welcome back gift. Also plan on using your labels. :) Good luck at your first inservice and as you prepare for the year. You will be awesome and that school is so lucky to have you.

  2. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I just saw you moved to Hawaii! Congrats!!! What island are you on? I'll be in Maui on Sunday for back to school shopping, then on Oahu the weekend of Aug 17th for the Spartan race!
    And I'm so excited you posted about the Super Improvers Wall! I'm going to do WBT full out this year, so these freebies will really help! :)
    Email me and we'll keep in touch!
    Teaching With Style

    1. Yes, I am on Oahu! I go back to work very soon! Not enough summer for me as my school year in NC ended June 7th, then packing and moving! Let's plan for something that weekend. I can talk to Corrina, Courtney and Angela too! So exciting!

      I LOVE WBT and stared it last year! I want to add the super improvers wall this year. I was going to do some money management tied into it since 2nd grade is all about money in math. I might just stick with WBT instead! I better decide quick! LOL!

      I will send you an email with my personal one!

    2. I did Corinna's Beach Bucks money economy system last spring. It was the perfect way to end the year! I'll probably do that again this year and just ditch the Scoreboard 4th quarter.