500 follower mega giveaway winners...and a math freebie!

I want to say a HUGE thank you all the bloggers who helped me celebrate my 500 followers! I also want to thank each and every follower out there! You are all amazing! Thank you for following me and being a part of my life!

If you entered my giveaway and did not win, don't worry! I have a little freebie for you! Have any of you have had your students watch the Rounding Rap on YouTube? I found it last year and my kids just LOVE it! It really helps them remember how to round-which is such a difficult concept for them to get!

So what I did was make a poster to hang in the classroom! This way if they forget the song, they can see the poster!

Just click HERE to get it:) I hope you like it!

Now, here are the winners of my mega giveaway! Congrats to you all!
Heather-$50 gift card to your choice ot TPT, Target, Amazon, or Erin Condren
Vicki-10 items from my TPT store and a $10 TPT gift card
Shelia-mega pack 1
Christine-mega pack 2
Andrea-mega pack 3

I will be emailing you and the other bloggers soon so you can get your prizes! 

Everyone enjoy their weekend! See you soon!


  1. Totally love that rounding rap. So easy for the kids to remember!! Thank you for sharing :D I just want to know..do you rap this for your kids?! hehe

  2. Thanks! I was just surprised on Friday by how many of my students are struggling with this skill. They will love this!

  3. Love the rap!! We were just struggling with this on Friday, so this is perfect! Congrats to the winners! I will be emailing my prize to the winner shortly :)

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! How exciting!!!

    Love the Rounding Rap! Thanks, Tonya!! I teach rounding this week so I'll be using this and the poster!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  5. Yay! Thank you so much! I love the Rounding Rap song! It is adorable!

    Reading Toward the Stars!