I did it:) One down...3 more to go!

This is going to be short and simple because I am tired! But I had to share my excitement that I.....am actually planned for math for NEXT WEEK! I sat down tonight for an hour and plugged away at math. Now I have a few things I need to make and do...but the plans are in and done!

So I am not kidding when my plans are kinda detailed. 

This was last years daily plans

This year I have one page a day for math! I have found that if I put the whole week on one page I really can't focus on what I need that day! So here are my plans from today!
But what I tried to do for the following week is be a little less and it worked! The fact I was able to get a weeks plans done in less than an hour is GREAT!
Here is a plan for next week:)
See the difference??? I sure hope this works! How do you lesson plan? What do you do to make your life simpler?


  1. Awesome job Tonya!! :) Now treat yourself with a glass of wine!!

  2. Great job! How do you go about finding powerpoints/videos for the different math concepts? I'm stuck when it comes to something over then Brainpop. I would love to do something with my now!board - but I really don't know what I can do during math time.

  3. It looks like she uses Envision for math and I do as well. The program has a short video that corresponds to each lesson already included in the daily plans :)

  4. I do use EnVisions! But now with the common core I am very selective with what lessons I use! The videos are great for a mini lesson and then I do more hands on with my small groups. As for the PowerPoints...I usually make them!