Comparing numbers easy yet effective activity-freebie!

Today my 3rd graders were introduced to comparing numbers. I know they have learned about it in second grade but it's still in the 3rd grade CCSC! I was SO happy to see that 90% of my kiddos got it right away! Awesome, now I can move on to something else...hopefully!

So last night I made this simple yet effective comparing numbers activity! And you can snag it up at the end for FREE:)

So I gave each student a copy of this sheet

They folded it in half. And that is when I realized it was upside down...oh well! It still worked. 

Then I gave each stduent a number

Next, I pulled names out of a container. However I called their name is how they had to stand in the front of the room with their number. Students would read the numbers and show me the correct sign to make the number sentence true! They had SO much fun!

Finally, I told them I had a trick and a test for them:) They didn't like that! But I told them they could have extra recess of they got it right...all of them! They looked at me so confused! I loved it! Then I also told them that they were not allowed to all! Again, confused. So this is what I had them do for their test. They had to get in order from least to greatest with their numbers as a class....WITHOUT TALKING. 

They had a blast! All but 3 got it right away! 3 were mixed up. I still gave them extra recess! Now I know for tomorrows lesson of ordering numbers I may not need to do a whole lot! 

So tomorrow is our first early release of the school year. We get to have some PLC time in the afternoon after our lunch that the PTA is buying us:) I am crossing my fingers that I can get all 7 kids I have left to do my reading assessments on DONE! I am having the kids work on reading activities all morning so I can test, test, test!  

One activity students will be doing is using a Scholastic order form to cut and sort out Genres!
I plan on giving them they genres I want them to sort by on a handout! Farrah over at Think Share Teach has some cute free genre posters!
I will be printing this off so they know how to sort their Scholastic book order:) 

Well, that's it for today! I am SO ready for bed and it is only 7:22! I was up and at the gym at 5am...super tired! Have a great night! OH...yes, and you can get my freebie HERE! I almost forgot the BEST part!


  1. This will be so much fun! I like how it will get the students using their brains and moving with a purpose!! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. I love the comparing numbers idea! I'm going to use it to review my lesson tomorrow!

    Thanks so much!


    Kathy's Coordinated Class

  3. I love this activity and I sometimes do it by putting the numbers on their foreheads and get them to sort it silently, you certainly see the leaders step up for this activity and it is a great way to get them to work as a team. Thanks for sharing Tonya, I love your freebies!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings