Observation day, a metric capacity notebook, and what's to come!

Picture this...

Monday morning and you have a bad headache! It's 8:35 and students start coming in. You gather notes, manage parent conversations, staff members keep coming in to talk, and you find a jar of nuts with the lid chewed in your office. You have a new furry friend hiding somewhere...great! 

9:00 rolls around, rather quickly, and time to start teaching. You gather all your students on the carpet to what you hope to be a very short mini lesson because you have to get reading assessments started and done this week. You start your lesson and no later that 9:05 comes around and in walks the AP for an observation...double great. 

The kids are quiet. They are tired. They are not engaged because it is Monday morning. You do everything you can to get them engaged and make the best out of the lesson. 9:30 comes around and AP leaves...finally!

That was MY morning! The observation...not what I wanted at all. It was my introduction to verb tenses! It was really not all engaging, kinda boring.  But oh well! I know I am a good teacher and they know I am too. It was just odd to have a first thing, Monday morning observation. I can't wait to talk to the AP about how it went! I will keep you posted.

Speaking of verb tenses...I plan on having this sorting activity done in the next few days!

We just finished measurement with metric this week. I used this metric capacity notebook I made!

It is available in both of my stores! I will give the first 3 people to comment this for free:)

I have also started to put together all of my math block units! Many people have been asking about bundling it together. I am in the process of doing so, making some edits to it, and reposting!

This is what I got so far!

I am excited to get it done! Maybe this weekend! 

That's it for tonight! I hope you all have a great evening!


  1. I'd love your measurement unit or next year! :) :)
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  2. I would LOVE your measurement unit! We are starting it next week :)


  3. I would love to use this. celinecastaneda@sbcglobal.net

  4. Would love your measurement unit. This is big in my school.

  5. Bummer I got here too late :( That measurement unit looks FAB!! Will have to put on my wish list for next year. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well, plus the double whammy of an observation. Not fun. But I'm sure you did GREAT! At least the kiddos were quiet and not bouncing off the walls, right?

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  6. THe furry friend might have chosen your observation time to show up...think how THAT would have been!

    What is it with admin. anyway? I had an unscheduled observation after being at a teachers' conference (of which I was an organizer!) from Thurs. night to Sun. night. They showed up first thing Monday morning. Are you kidding me?

  7. Sounds like my day yesterday! Oh well, everyday is a new day! I'm your newest follower. ;)
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