Whitewater rafting, savenger hunt with a twist, and measurement problem solving

Happy Friday!!! This week has been SUPER long and I am thankful it is Friday! It has been a CRAZY Friday though! tornado warnings during bus dismissal and then I stopped to pick up dinner at Lime and the rain just came down with super strong winds. We all had to move into the kitchen! It was so scary! Luckily, I am home now...relaxed and ready to get some stuff done!

Yesterday was a LONGGGG day! I was at school by 5:45am and left about 6:30pm! The 3rd graders went on our big field trip! I want to share a few pictures with you! They are so far away, I didn't blur out any faces!

The kids LOVED it and that was all they talked about today! I hope the team gets to take them back next year!

I have yet another twist on how to do a scavenger hunt! So I bought these awesome task cards from Teachesthirdingeorgia from TpT! 

They were just perfect for my mass and volume objectives review! We have a test on Monday...that I need to make!

Instead of a traditional scoot or cards around the room for a scavenger hunt I did it this way! 

I made 12 copies of each card, cut them out and laid them on my desk. The kids worked in pairs. I apologize in advance for the horrible pictures. I forgot my ipad today! Had to use my phone:(

Each pair had to solve one question at a time. When they got the answer they came up to me to check it. If they got it right, I gave them a small card with a letter on it. They needed to glue the letter on a white piece of paper. 

Once they got their letter they got to get the second card. When they answered the second card, showed me, got it right, they got a second smaller card with a letter!

I was doing a secret code! 

The kids seriously ATE THIS UP! They were flying through this, laughing, working, moving, and having fun! 

Here are some other pictures of the process

Once they finished their code, they got a sweet treat:) 
I would highly recommend doing this. You can do it for any task card set! I had 20 task cards and this saying has 20 letters! I also had HERE IS YOUR SWEET TREAT

I am attaching my file for

Just click HERE!

Another thing I did this week to help student's practice mass and volume was a bit of problem solving!
I made 14 word problems with this graphic organizer. I broke my class into pairs and they had to solve their word problem. Once they solved it, they check their work with me! Once I gave the go-ahead, they used chart paper to make it bigger. 
I gave each student a blank copy of the word problems. Each pair had to come up and teach the rest of the class how to solve their problem while they had the blank copy in front of them!
And of course...forgot to take pictures that day! So sorry, no pictures:( 
But, this is something I am putting up in my store! If you are interested in winning this for free, just leave a comment below and I will pick someone on tomorrow afternoon! 

Life has been pretty busy this week so I apologize for not uploading a few new products to my store. I am adding my Nonfiction unit
I am also adding that time scavenger hunt a few people asked for!
and a few other math things! Be on the look out for those new items this weekend!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Be safe everyone!


  1. Wow, white water rafting! That must have been a blast. My kids don't get to do that at their school. Thanks for sharing about your productive week!
    Kids Math Teacher

  2. Cute idea!! What a fun field trip! We're excited just to go to the zoo! :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  3. Love the scavenger hunt idea! Would love to try it with something we are studying, and my class would love the mystery phrase part!

    I can hardly take my class to the park, much less whitewater rafting! Your team rocks!

  4. We love scavenger hunts too. I explained to a not so enthusiastic teacher....a scavenger hunt is really just a work sheet in larger font and cut up. It ismgreatnto getnthenkids up and out of their seats, especially this time of year. Great idea for the code word...I am going to add that to our next hunt. Thanks for the post and ( as always) great ideas!

    Joanne M.

  5. Thank you for your ideas. I have tried many, recently the PowerPoint notes paper. Glad you had fun on your field trip.

  6. Great ideas! My class loves doing scoot. I'm sure they would love the scavenger hunt too.


    1. Congrats! You won! I am sending you the file1

  7. Reading your blog always gives me such great ideas! Thanks so much for your passion and excitement towards teaching.

    1. awww thank you so much! That made my day!