Telling Time Scavenger Hunt Part 2

Before I begin...can I ask a favor and say a few good thoughts for my friends and family back in Grand Rapids Michigan? The Governor declared Grand Rapids in a state of emergency! The rain and flooding is sooooo bad! Just look at some of these pictures!

this is a window to outside...not a fish tank!

OK..Sunday...why are you hear already? Actually, why are you almost gone? I have had such a nice weekend! Yesterday I was able to do a bit of shopping! I went to Kohls and got a few new things, stopped at Belk and picked up some new feet have been killing me and I needed new orthotic sandals! I am not usually a shinny type of girl, but this are super comfortable!

Since I got new sandals...I HAD to get a pedicure:)
I just LOVE the place I go and the girl I always go to! She knew my feet were bothering me so she gave me a massage for 30 minutes! This was on top of the mango hot rub, hot towels, and a hot stone massage! Truly awesome! 

I stopped by Gigi's Cupcakes to pick up a cupcake for a friend since we were doing a double date later that night! This was my candy cake! 
I really was not a fan:( I mean, it was alright...but I grew up with a baker...and nothing beats my mom's cakes! She owns a bakery in Michigan and she is always busy!

I came home to George taking a nap! I decided to join him for a little while!

Then my husband and I went out for dinner and drinks with friends for one of their birthdays! It was nice to get out for a bit!
Not the most flattering picture...oh well:(

Today has been busy! Slept in, worked a bit, got lunch with the hubs, and then back to work!

Many of you really wanted that time scavenger hunt I said I did quick and did not post to my store....well....

I bring you
I added some how to's, recording sheet, and an answer sheet. There are 14 questions in this unit. It is the perfect number for a scavenger hunt. My class took over an hour to do this! Some weren't even done when I had to stop! 

I will be posting this to my store in the next few minutes!

The first 3 people to comment I will give this to you for free:) 

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 


  1. I will have them in my prayers. I would love to have this scavenger hunt.

  2. Lucky you...growing up with a baker in the family! My mom cannot do anything in the kitchen. WHen she and my dad got married he taught her to cook!

    Your scavenger hunt looks like so much fun. (And the length of time it takes is an added bonus. I hate prepping for things and five minutes later the kids are done!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. I guess with all of the other insanity going on in our country this week I hadn't even heard about all of the flooding until today! Definitely sending your friend some prayers. :)

    My kiddos could certainly use some practice telling time!

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  4. This looks so helpful..we just finished our time unit but I know for a certainty that I will have to hit that skill again very soon (and probably throughout the rest of the year!

    Lindsey -

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  6. Sending your family and friends good thoughts :) Bummer! Just a bit too late for the scavenger hunt. Just finished our time unit as well and it looks like fun! Thanks for your freebies.

  7. Thinking of your friends and family. That "fishbowl" picture took my breath away. That's so scary!!!! Definitely in my prayers.

    Love the scavenger hunt and thrilled you decided to put it in your store.