Showcase Celebrations~a space saving way to display students birthdays!

I LOVE having a display of student birthdays in my classroom! But what I don't like is the wall space it takes up! I decided this year to try something different...and that is where Showcase Celebrations was born!

I created a poster for each month that will fit inside an 8x10 frame. 

Every month I will change out the poster and use an expo marker to write on the class who has a birthday that month and the date!

I was going to use Washi tape and decorate the frame, but I really like the white!

I can't wait to display this in my class without taking up space!

You can grab this at my TpT shop HERE.

I am also having a little sale today and tomorrow in my shop! Back to work for me tomorrow:(

Have a great week!

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  1. What a great idea! All last year I displayed Subway Art for each month...added words for the kids to see. So now I can use your idea since I really don't have much wall space either. Thank you!