End of the year gift idea

I have had the wonderful privilege of working with a great intervention specialist this school year. She has come into my math class every morning and helped with with some kids who really need a lot of one on one attention, small groups, or anything I ask her to do in math! She has been wonderful and the kids LOVE her!

The kids and I are very thankful for her and wanted to show her our appreciation. We made her a wonderful book full of thank you cards! Now this is just not an ordinary book...oh no! I found at Michaels for $1.99 a small pocket photo album that was just perfect for slipping in 4x6 index cards! Awesome!

The first thing we did was create a word cloud with all the fun thing we like about her! Then, each student got two index cards. One for the picture and one for the letter. I placed the picture on the top part and the letter below! 

They turned out sooooo awesome! We are going to throw her a surprise breakfast and give her this gift! 

I added a cute cover and a thank you from me! I hope she likes it!