Summer is almost here:)

Summer is sooooo close I can taste it:) The days are getting longer, the weather is so nice right now! I do not want to be in my house working on school stuff at the mind is check out! haha!

So as I promised, I was working on a summer activities to do list pack. I have 3 months with some activities for each month. My plan to use this is to give it to the kiddos the last day of school. Tell them that if they complete the activities and turn them back into me at the beginning of next year they can earn a prize of some sort! There are some fun activities and educational focused activities too. I think kids would like this and parents too! 

So if you are interested, snag yours up today at my TPT and TN store! 

How many days do you have left until your summer break??? 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)


  1. hey! I just found your blog! I am a new follower! and I've just given you the One Lovely Blog Award!
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    Miss Elementary

  2. Oh WOW...thank you:) I can't wait to come check it out!


  3. I love these! Very cute and not overwhelming with too many activities. :) New follower! come check my blog out for some math ideas sometime. Have a good rest of the weekend!