Day 1 of summer break spent shopping:)

What a great feeling! Knowing that I had NOTHING to do today! I am so going to enjoy every last minute of it this summer! Day 1 was a great success! I woke up about 8:30, went to the gym and took a cycling class, came home to eat and shower then I was off to the mall for some shopping!

Are you ready for is what I came home with!

Picture 1
 Pringles can and mod podge is for my ruler container I am going to make:)

Card stock, contact paper, silver paint, and my frog cards are for my Monday Make it craft! You will have to wait and see until Monday on what I am making-I am planning on giving one away too..hehe!

2in. circle punch is for some circle labels I plan on making! OK...enough with the school are the fun purchase!

Here is the dress I bought from NY&CO for my friends wedding next weekend! 40% off PLUS my 15% off teacher discount! SCORE! I also got some black earrings too;)

Target-of course I went to Target! I got some new gym pants...and the pringles can!

Kohls- walked out of there with 2 new shirts(blue and pink) and a set of earrings! I sure love earrings!

 Belk- FREE new Sperry flip flops! They are SO comfortable! Thanks to the parents who gave me the gift card

AND last....but not least...a new purse! EEK!
Ever since my first coach purchase this winter I became hooked! I have been wanting to put my black bag up and use it in the winter and get a spring/summer purse! Well, they had a sale today and a 25% off coupon! I walked out with this very pretty purse!

Now,  my only problem is...I don't have a wallet for it:( I looked all over today and found nothing! I guess I need to shop some more later this week!

Well, now I have to balance my checkbook...see the damage of today! 

Tonight's plans...left overs and working on my craft...I can't wait to show it to everyone! 

OH...and don't forget about my give-a-way! It ends on Sunday! If you have not entered, go HERE to do so! 


  1. You have been busy. Cute stuff.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Love everything that you bought!! That dress is so cute!! I spent most of the morning shopping too. I'm ready to jump on the Pinterest summer project wagon hehe! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. That's one gorgeous purse! Can't wait to see the crafts :)

  4. Ah, retail therapy! What a great way to start the summer. I love the purse!!

    Mrs. Lattin's Kindergarten

  5. It looks like you had a great trip. I love that dress!! Do all NY&CO do 15% off for teachers!?!?!?

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  6. Ooolala!! LOVE Coach, every woman deserves at least one, or ten, Coach bags! ;)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. You racked up! I love NY & Co and Coach. Love all your goodies.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  8. I have been a Coach girl since college -- I love them! Some girls go for shoes, I go for Coach bags :) Shopping is a great way to kick off summer vaca!!

    ❤- Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  9. I always shop more in the summer too-guess it's the extra time. You made some great buys! :)