2 and 5:)

Today was day 2 for me and I am just TIRED! My kids are super sweet, but extremely talkative. One thing I have to remember is they are just babies, 6 and 7 year olds! It took us 2 hours just to label 4 comp books and 4 folders. We put together our binders today and that took an hour and a half! I have yet to do any teaching:(

But I feel setting up the room, rules and expectations with them first is so important! I started with WBT today. Used Class/Yes, Teach/OK, and the scoreboard. We talked about the SIW and will start that tomorrow! 

I promise to be back with classroom pictures and such very soon! I just haven't had a second. This no planning time is not fun:( Oh well! Make the best out of it...right?

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Just 5 more days to get your School Year Bundle!!! I am IN LOVE with mine! One of the units is a 400 page fact fluency for addition and subtraction! This is just PERFECT for my new 2nd grade kiddos!!
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Have a great night!


  1. Here's my pin, hope I win!!http://pinterest.com/pin/150307706287008914/


    1. Thanks for Pinning...but I hate to point out this...you didn't pin the bundle I am a part of:( I am a part of the school year bundle!

  2. 2 hours for labeling?!?

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  3. Here's my pin! :)
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  4. Ha ha! Thanks for the reminder of what I will be experiencing very soon! It is always an adjustment at the beginning of the year as I get used to the kiddos again.


    Teaching Little Miracles

  5. Good luck on day 3! I hope it's the best one yet!
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  6. I always giggle when I look back at my first day(s) of lesson plans. LIke you, mine say, label all books and folders. And every year I wonder if that is all we did. Apparently, the answer is yes!

    Pinned the bundle here...I hope. http://pinterest.com/pin/442126888389160872/

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  7. The beginning of the year with second graders is so hard. Thankfully it gets better quickly! Enjoy it!


    Christina :)
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  8. It seems to take forever at the beginning of the year to get those munchkins to accomplish anything but it will get better! At the end of the year you will not want to part with them. Here is my pin about Educents: http://pinterest.com/pin/113575221825976318/


  9. Good luck with your year. Crossing my fingers I win. :)