Friday Freebie:)

Hey everyone!  It's Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper!  
Today I am bringing you Tonya's Friday Freebie!  

It seems like I signed up for this chance ages ago.  Tonya is one of the first blogs I started following and has the best ideas!  See the form here to sign up to be featured for her Friday Freebie.

I just made this freebie on Wednesday after I was thinking about how I plan on implementing CAFE this year in my fourth grade classroom.  Last year I implemented Daily 5 for the first time and knew I would revisit CAFE the following year if I loved Daily 5.  
Let's just say, I LOVED it (I think the students did too:).

Of course, I need wanted a cute bulletin board to display the CAFE strategies and have been searching for the perfect colors that will go with my owl theme.  Being a little OCD, I finally decided to just make my own CAFE letters and header to match the Owl Chevron Book Bin Labels I recently created.  
It was perfect timing since I can now offer you these CAFE letters as a freebie today!
If you love the owl theme, I hope you can use this freebie in your classroom!  I think some educators  underestimate how a catching header or theme can transform their classroom and motivate students. Sure, it "looks cute" but I know my upper elementary students really do appreciate it!  
How do I know?  
  • Students choose the activity at a center that looks appealing and colorful.
  • Students ask about a new bulletin board the moment they walk in the room.
  • Students give me little gifts that go with my classroom theme.
  • Students reference the "cute display" when discussing a topic or strategy.

Yep, you know what I'm talking about! :)  
Embrace the cuteness and know that your hard work in making your classroom "just right" makes a difference!  It not only motivates your students and adds to the learning environment, but the work you put into making the space "just right" shows that YOU care!


  1. Hi Tonya. I've been following your blog for a while, too. I can't believe you live in Hawaii - just like Oprah - she has a house there, too. Is it really paradise to live there?

  2. The link to the freebie takes me to the book bin labels. I have an owl themed classroom and I'd love to be able to update my CAFE header with yours. They're very cute!

  3. Sorry the link is wrong for the freebie! Here is the correct link:
    Fourth Grade Flipper