What do we have to do again????

My new class, bless their hearts, doesn't listen! At all:( I have to repeat directions over and over, again and again! Sometimes it's like 6 or 7 times! Yes, I know...crazy!!! Most of the time it's because they are talking...nonstop! What has started to help are the tokens I am giving out for the Super Improver Wall:)

Another thing I tried really quickly today was typing up step by step directions on a PowerPoint and projecting it. 

I don't think the wording is right on the title, but I did this really quick...and guess what...it cut back on the asking questions by 90%...I swear;) I think I will be doing this for awhile!
On another note, I will be taking class pics of my room to share soon! I am getting other things unpacked and put where I want them! I also am unpacking our room at the house...it's a mess. I just want to get settled so I can start making and creating! 

I am SO glad it is Friday tomorrow! I am meeting up with 2 other Hawaii Bloggers for some evening fun! I can't wait! Oh, and our hubbies are coming too;)

The winner of ANYTHING from my store is...

CRYSTAL from Teaching Little Miracles

Please send me an email of what you would like!

Have you bought your bundle yet??? Only a few more days to snag this bad larry up!!!
I am running out of ink with all the printing I have been doing:)

Well, I am off to bed! I hope you all have an awesome Friday!


  1. Hooray! So excited that I won! :-)


    Teaching Little Miracles

    P.S. You're making me nervous talking about how your kiddos can't follow directions! Seems like that is the way I feel at the beginning of every year! I start the 22nd...

  2. I have enjoyed following your adventures as you move to Hawaii! I've never been there...maybe someday! Posting the procedures on the screen is a super idea! It also looks like you have VERY high ceilings and tile/laminate floors, which doesn't help with the noise control AT ALL! It's funny how you just have to dig deep into your bag of tricks each year to figure out what works with each new group of kiddos!! Enjoy your weekend!!

    Lizzy from *The Teacher Chick*