really....tomorrow already?

I can't believe it...tomorrow is my first day with my kiddos! I am heading into school this morning, well...just as soon as my husband wakes up;)

We have to bring the rest of my items up to my classroom. I have to finish the room, make copies and then come home to plan out my first week...who am I kidding...plan for tomorrow! HAHA!

This is SO unlike me. I am always planned, organized like 2 weeks before. Next year will be better...right??? 

Anyways, I can't wait to share all my photos with you! 

Until then...have you grabbed your Educents School Year Bundle yet???

If you haven't...this is a MUST HAVE for any 2-3 grade teacher! 24 awesome units for $30. 

One of the fantastic units included in this bundle is from Angela over at Hippo Hooray for Second Grade

This main idea seriously rocks guys! Main idea is a hard concept for soooooo many kids and this just is perfect! 

Here is the blurb on her awesome unit!

"This scaffold unit will take your students step by step through the processes of identifying the interesting details versus the important information, identifying key details {who, what, where, when, why, how}, determining main idea in pictures and in text, and determining the details that support the main idea. (129 pages)$7 value"

What are you waiting for??? Grab it today!

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