Welcome to my home away from home!

Happy Saturday! I am here to share my classroom here in Hawaii! I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. This classroom is very different compared to what I am used to. So I really had to plan and figure out how to make things work! 

Writing area


My classroom supplies area

Math area
Above is my math workshop board.  I will have more on my math workshop once it gets started.
Under the fabric you will find all my math games and manipulatives. My bookshelves are all rusted and old, so I HAD to cover them! On top are my math center baskets!

Reading Area
 I am LOVING all the OHANA pictures that are coming it. My bookshelf is almost full now!
My library that still needs some work:( Under the fabric area all the old basals I wont be using! Had to hide them!

Student Area
In this area I have their Homework Club, Super Improvers Wall, Lunch count, and their baskets for their binders!

Front of the room
This is where I hold my morning meetings, guided reading (since I dont have a kidney table), and afternoon meetings. 
My desk is behind this

 From the back of the room

From the front of the room

So that is it:) I hope you liked my classroom tour. If you have any questions about anything in my room, please ask! 

I am so excited to be a part of the TpT sale starting tomorrow!!!
I can't wait to get my shop on! 
I have spent some time today editing some items of mine and marking down prices! 

And today is the LAST day of my 50% off at my TN shop! 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. So pretty Tonya! I love the colors.

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