Educents School year Bundle-Fractions Mega Pack!

I am so happy to be a part of this huge product!

The different activities in this bundle are from math, word work, reading, games, writing, and SO much more! 

Today I am going to showcase my item that is included in this bundle!

My Fractions Mega Pack!

This is a 124 mega unit on Fractions!

Activities and materials include
Over 15 posters to place around the room
I can statements to each lesson
Cut and match activity
Task cards for almost every lesson
I have, who has game
Fraction Smores matching game
10 word problem cards
Fraction name activity
Fraction word work activity
Simplest form sorting activity


Topics include:
Dividing regions into equal parts
Fractions and regions
Fractions and sets
Unit fractions
Benchmark fractions
Comparing fractions
Equivalent fractions
Whole numbers and fractions
Fractions on the number line
Fraction word problems

I felt my kids loved fractions as much as I did after they were done with this unit! And they really understood fractions too! 

You can grab the bundle HERE or click on the picture above!

I can't wait to talk about some more fantastic items tomorrow! Have a great Saturday!

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