My Thanksgiving Week: freebies, ideas, and more!

I can't believe how close Thanksgiving is! I wish I had the whole week off, but I have to go Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday! I do have 3 days full of fun things for my kiddos! 
It should be a great week!

I plan on:

Making butter and watching the virtual field trips on Scholastic
For the past 6 years my class has made butter for a Thanksgiving activity! It is SO easy to do!
I get the Glad Mini Rounds, one for each student.
I pour just a little heavy whipping cream in each container. 
 Put the container in a ziplock...just so it doesn't leak and spill!

The the kids SHAKE and SHAKE...for a VERY long time. The heavy whipping cream will turn thick and hard...into butter. When done, the kids are really surprised and actually LOVE the butter better than store bought! I have never had a kid hate this butter. I buy sweet rolls and we enjoy this yummy treat!

I also have them do a writing activity about it!
Download the butter writing activity HERE:)

Thanksgiving BINGO game by Aimee Salazar
You can get it for FREE here:)

How to cook a Turkey writing activity from Aimee Salazar's Write on Fall Edition.

The ABC's of Thanksgiving using the P is for Pilgrim book

As a class, we will brainstorm Thanksgiving words. Then students will pick a letter from a bucket. They are to write about something for Thanksgiving that starts with that letter and draw a picture. We will make a class book!
 Click HERE to get it:)

We are also going to read a poem about The First Thanksgiving. Now, I am not sure where I got this poem from or who made it. I think I might have found it on PT years ago! If it is yours, please let me know! This poem is designed to use pony beads and make a bracelet! I really didn't want to spend the money on beads this year so I made something else! 

This packet has the poem, plus printable bracelets students can make to retell the first Thanksgiving!
SO CUTE! I hope the kids love it!
Download it HERE for free:)

The last thing I am doing, and I CAN'T wait for it, is having a Ohana Breakfast! Ohana means family and I am inviting my families to come to the classroom and have breakfast with us Wednesday morning!

I have done this the past 3 years at my last school as a whole grade level. This year I am just doing it with my class! The kids are super excited and the parents are too!

I used Signup Genius for parents to sign up and also to say what they want to bring! 

So far we have:
bagels and cream cheese
scrambled eggs
pumpkin bread
fried rice
fruit trays
juice, water, and milk!

I am just hungry thinking about it!
The kids are putting on a little reader's theater for the parents.

I also found this in my old files from years ago! If it is yours, please let me know! probably another PT thing! Just click the picture to get it for free!

While the parents are there, we are going to have a photo booth! Thanks to Tania from My Second Sense, I bought the adorable photo booth props from ETSY!

A parent brought in a big box, and this is what we have so far for our photo booth!
I am going to get a sheet to cover the ugly blue chairs and hang a Happy Thanksgiving banner from the top! The kids are loving creating this box!

WOW, that was alot! It sure sounds like a fun week! I can't wait! 

There are lots of freebies in this post! I hope you find they are helpful for you in planning your Thanksgiving week! I would love to hear what you think! 

Before I go, I am having a little giveaway over at my Facebook page! It ends today at 5pm Hawaii time!

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Dear Tonya,
    Thank You so Much! All of your Thanksgiving Activities are simply perfect!!
    I am super thankful that I found your helpful blog and activity ideas tonight!
    God Bless! Kelly Turk

  2. I am almost done with my props. I hope your kids love them. I know my parents went crazy when I shared the pictures.
    My Second Sense

  3. My parents will be participating too:) We will do it during the breakfast! Something fun for kids to do with their parents and their friends. I am bringing the props home and to our family Thanksgiving! HAHA

  4. What a fun and exciting week you have planned! I have always wanted to make butter with my students, next year for sure! Thank you for the Bingo and Write On! shout out. I hope your students enjoy both!!

    Primarily Speaking

    1. You are so welcome! I just love your stuff:)

  5. like the paper bracelet. I've done it before but with beads. This is a nice alternative!