T'was the Night Before Thanksgiving Play using Shadow Puppet app

We have been rehearsing our Thanksgiving play all week...and I must say, the kids are really good at their lines! They are so excited to do the play in front of their parents tomorrow at our Thanksgiving breakfast! But today, we did something different with our lines!

Each student drew a picture to match their line! Look at the attention to detail in their picture! They really matched their picture to their line!

The timer then sounded! The turkey was cooked! Mom opened the oven, she sniffed and she looked. 
do you see the timer??? 

 We all took our places, the food smelled so great, we started to dig in, but dad said to wait. 

That night we were nestled all snug in our beds, while visions of turkey legs danced in our heads. 

Then I took a picture of each picture and uploaded it into an app called Shadow Puppet

This app is SO easy to use!

Once I had all their pictures in order, the kids recorded their line to their picture!

Please click the picture or HERE to check out their play! It is sooo cute!

I would love to hear what you think! I couldn't be more proud of them!

One more day for me and then it's break time!

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  1. Great job! That was so cute! I loved seeing all of their illustrations and hearing their sweet voices. I have to say my favorite was the turkey (it was golden-yellow), the neck and head were still on the bird! :)