Animals and their Habitats

Hey all!
I feel like life has just taken over and I can't accomplish anything I want to for this little ole blog. I promise I am still around! Today I met up for lunch with Angelia over at Extra Special Teaching and she said that it seems a lot of us are feeling that way! Are you? Just can't get caught up, can't catch a break! 

Well, time to figure out a way to fix that problem! 

In the mean time, I have made something I would love to share with you all!

My second grade students are working on animal research! And let me tell you, they are SO excited! They have started their research in the school library and now it is time to work on it in the classroom! 

Students will use the graphic organizers I created to gather and organize their research!

Then, they will use their writer's notebook to write their first draft. I will be using my writing time combined with my science time to work on the Writer's Workshop process. 

Then they will use the following pages to write their final draft. I am teaching nonfiction text features during I am also wanting students to incorporate text features in their writing...such as
bold words
table of contents

This page is for students to draw their animal in their habitat and use labels

I hope this is something you can use! You can get it HERE in my TpT shop!

Have a GREAT week!

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  1. This will come in handy! Thanks for sharing! I feel ya on feeling behind and bogged down. Just when things are going smooth and you get your groove - BAM! Something happens to throw you off your game! Oh, that's just me? Haha. Hopefully I can join you and Angelia for lunch sometime soon :)
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