Using Padlet in the classroom~a bright idea!

Welcome to another Bright Ideas blog hop!!! 

I am super excited for this one because I use my idea all.the.time!

Have you ever heard of Padlet before? 

If're in luck! This absolutely FREE and easy to use tech tool will be a hit in your classroom and your students will LOVE it. I promise:)

Padlet is one of the easiest ways to collaborate and communicate with your students! 

First create an account. You will have a dashboard that looks like this!

Click on create new padlet. Once you do, you will see what looks like a blank space with a side bar on the right. 

The bottom icon is the modify wall button. Click on that!

Once you click this button you will be able to add your Title, description, and change your portrait. I always find an image that matches my title. 

Next, I would make sure I change the layout of the responses. I recommend grid. I like to see the nice clean and organized boxes. When you choose free form, they get all over the place, often on top of each other. I don't like that.  Can we say, OCD??? 

Then when you are ready, you want to export your Padlet. I choose the embed one, copy it and paste it into my class Weebly website. This makes it super easy for the kids to respond. 

Once you have it embedded, you're all set! 
DONE and DONE:) 
Your students can now respond to your topic! 

Here is an example of one I did just Thursday night! I gave my students an assignment to watch a MLK short video. Then they had to post two things they learned and one question they still had. I used this for my lesson on Friday.  You can check it out HERE on my classroom website!
Once it is posted to your website of choice, all the student has to do is double click somewhere on the blank space and a box will come up. There will be a space for your name and your response!

 Now it is your turn to try! 
I want to know how YOU will use this in YOUR classroom? Leave a comment on the padlet below:) 

Created with Padlet

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