{Daily Graffiti Wall}

Happy Saturday Friends! 
How is your weekend going so far? Today marks the first day of my fall break and I am so excited to enjoy a week off! I have two days of a digital leadership conference, plenty of TpT things to catch up on, sleeping in, going to the beach, catching up with friends and family and a ton of yard work. Now that I think of it, that doesn't sound like much of a break. 

I wanted to start of my break by sharing with you something my 5th graders look forward to every day! I call it my Daily Graffiti Wall. I got the idea from Miss 5th over in IG. Every day I post some kind of question on the board and the kids get to answer it. It's so simple, yet so engaging! They look forward to it every morning when they walk in. Here are some of the pictures from my wall!

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I hope you all have a great weekend!