Chinese New Year and a Sale

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you are having an amazing week so far. Today is a quick post about two things I really want to share with you all!

First...have you heard? It's a super Teachers Pay Teachers sale!
I am so ready to shop, plus empty out my wishlist! 

My store is on sale to make it 28% off! Don't forget to use promo code HEROES to get that extra 8%!

This past week was Chinese New Year. My class celebrated by watching this video first.

Then I passed out blank sheep I bought from Pamela Kennedy! Let me tell you...this lady is talented! Best dollar I ever spent! I WILL go back and buy more. My boys and girls who normally scribble did not! They did some of the best work I have ever seen from them. Even my SPED kids worked really hard. It seemed to be super calming for them.

While they were coloring, we listened to some Chinese music!

I am so impressed with my class! My principal took their art and put it in the art gallery up in the office! 

What fun things did you do for Chinese New Year?

Facebook to Communicate {a Bright Idea}

Welcome to another Bright Ideas blog hop:) I am so glad you stopped by. 

Maybe my idea isn't something new, or that "bright" but I have found using Facebook in the classroom has had a HUGE impact on my parent communication! I mean, almost everyone has a Facebook account...right? 

I created a page under my own personal Facebook account. What I really like about this is that I can switch from my personal to my class easily! No logging out and logging in to a different account. When I post on the page, it posts as Mrs. Roller and not Tonya-my personal one. 

What do I use it for?
-quick reminders for events

-requests for certain items. I really love when I say, "We're out of paper towels!" and I have some at the end of the day:)

-pictures of our work

-videos of activities

-shout outs


-parents can communicate with each other

Parents have commented how they can love they can be "right there" in the classroom as I can post right away at school! They think it's awesome to see daily updates about what's going on! 

Do you use Facebook in the classroom? I'd love to hear how you use it! If you don't use it in the classroom, give it a shot! I think you will be impressed!

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Have a great Saturday!!!