I'm sorry:(

I just have to say I am sorry! 
Sorry for not blogging, sorry for being absent, sorry for not reading blogs, sorry for not making new products, and sorry for not being around. 

What I am not sorry for is...

The time I have spent with my husband
The time I have spent with my friends and family
The time I have spent getting to know my amazing 5th graders
The down time I have given myself

I have been in school now for 6 weeks! It's crazy! 5th grade is a whole different world...But...I LOVE it with every ounce of my body! I think I have the best class I've ever had. They are amazing, talented, they ask questions, they listen, they don't fight, they all get along, they respect me, they don't argue, zero behavior problems, they're such nice kids, and we just click! I am truly blessed!

Over the course of 6 weeks, I think I have changed the way I teach my literacy block and math block like a bazillion time! I have gone from handwriting lessons plans, to typing them, now back to handwriting them. I am all over the place. I am trying to find my groove and what works for me and the kids. I think I finally found my groove and I feel so much better! 

5th grade moves SO fast and the curriculum has been a HUGE learning curve for me. A few times I have found myself teaching the wrong way. I am getting there. Any tips in 5th grade land would be great!

I have never in all my 10 years of teaching asked for the kids input into how they are learning. This year I am finding myself doing that all the time. I want them to feel ownership in their learning. I want them to want to learn. It really has changed the way I do things. 

I will promise to be back more often. I have a long list of things I want to share and create! 

I want to leave you with some pictures of my year so far! I promise to take more and share with you all the great things my class is doing this year! 

Welcome to my classroom! Hopefully I will take some better pictures soon!

My 5th grade blogging club has started! I will be blogging more about this soon!

July and August Birthday Celebration! I do once a month birthdays to cut back on wasted time and treats brought into the classroom. 

Student's working on their Passion Project Proposals! They LOVE this! Next week they will be giving their 60 second pitches to the class! 

Compare and contrast projects with our second grade buddies

Have an awesome weekend!