Class site and updated pictures-Part 1

Erin from Creating & Designing has completed my classroom blog! I  am SO IN LOVE with it:) Click HERE to check it out! I would love to have you all follow me, but this blog is for my parents! I plan on making it invite only to protect my students and families! I am so excited to get in there and play around with the different pages and add stuff!

I also went into school today to work on a few things while people are still not there. I like the peace and quiet so I can actually get stuff done. I plan on being there Monday and Tuesday next week to finalize things:)
Enjoy these updated pictures
I changed my reading focus wall a bit! I like this better!

I also changed my center wall! Again, I like this better:)

I added my Where Are We magnetic board:)

Attendance sticks! I have been racking my brain in how I want to do attendance this year. So many super cute ideas on Pinterest! But I already had these frog sticks and wanted to use them! When students come in they will move their number stick to the HERE jar! All I need to do now is make a label:)

My NEW math area:) I LOVE it! That blank space will have a Math Center poster I plan on making tonight! 

So what is here...
1. That green empty pocket chart is for current vocabulary

2. Today's number-for morning work 

3. Math boggle, Add it up-also morning work

4. other green pocket chart-center choices. students will pick what center they want to do each day by writing their name next to the choice on the actual white board.

5. the super cute duck tape thing in the middle is for my calendar math!

I really like it! I want to tell you all about my math block but want that in a separate post! Look for Part 2 next post! 

Thanks for taking a look:) 

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  1. Tonya your class website came out great :) She did an awesome job :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Here I am stalking all of your posts today. I like the attendance idea, I am going to do something similar, thank you for the visual.
    Back in Fourth

    1. It's ok:) Thanks for the compliment. I usually just look at their cubbies and know who is here and who is not here. But this year 3rd grade is doing something a bit different and I need to know who is here and not here right away since my homeroom kids will be coming in, unpacking, and then heading to their literacy class even before the bell rings! CRAZY!