Teacher Week Catch up...long:)

This week got the best of me and I am dog tired! We had our first week back full of meetings, working in our rooms, and meet the teacher! Meet the teacher was a HUGE success! I am really thinking I lucked out and got a great group of kiddos! They all were so sweet, happy, were excited they had me as a teacher! The parents were happy, brought some supplies in and jumped right in and asked when they can help out! How awesome is that!!! I am excited!

So here I am playing catch up...at home...back on the internet...FINALLY:) I am not at the coffee shop, but home in pj's, in a silent house, with my cat right next to me and pancakes for dinner;) Way better than a noisy coffee shop!

Since I only completed MONDAY of teacher week with Blog Hoppin, I have a lot to talk about and show you! So I am apologizing in advance, but I promise it will be worth it:)
Tuesday-Technology tip
I am SURE someone has talked about this...but my tip is to use...
I always, always, always use PowerPoint to make my creations! It is sooooo user friendly! Word is not! So ditch word and get with using PowerPoint, you will be very happy you did! 

Wednesday-Where I Teach 
I teach 3rd grade in a school of about 900 kids! We have a HUGE staff and a HUGE school! I just finished my room but have to go in this weekend to copy, sharpen pencils, and all that stuff before the kiddos come Monday! So here are my pictures of my final room! Enjoy!
 This is when you first walk in

These are my book bins with their literacy/writing notebooks and my library
My math workshop board
objective board with homework on the bottom

 Back sink area with crayon/marker/colored pencil bins
Writing and Word Work area

My area! Daily 5 stuff will be on the closet doors
Welcome area with...
cubbies, mystery person, homework tickets, notes, hopping helpers, soaring eagle of the week, question of the week, schedule, all about me, calendar, newsletter

 Level Up area, frogtastic spellers club, literacy focus board, my smaller desk 

 Math area
Their math notebooks are in the fabric bins
math manipulatives, games, resources, center materials

Daily 5 papers and stuff they need

When you walk out

When you walk in

 My classroom bulletin board outside of my room!

A nice welcome to my new 3rd grades from last years class:)

When I do relax...and that is a goal of mine this year, these are some things I like to do:) 

Being in Hawaii with my hubby and playing with my cat are very relaxing to me! I do love baking, shopping at Target, enjoying a cold coffee from Starbucks, getting a long pedicure, going to the movies, and yes...taking Step Aerobics relaxes me since I love it so much! 
Freebies are always great! So today I am going to give my Dunking Division Poke game to you for free! I hope you like it!

Well, that is it for today! I will be back this weekend with my 500 follower giveaway! 
Have a great Friday everyone:)


  1. You've alwaay had cute classrooms :) Love it!
    My Second Sense

  2. Hi Tonya,

    What a lovely looking classroom. Congratulations on all your hard work! I am your newest follower! I love finding a third grade blog. I teach third grade in Australia!