Giveaway winners and more freebies:)

I really did not want this day to come:( The LAST full weekday off of the summer! How did it go so quickly??? I have a full week of work days next week and students come August 27th. I am hoping for a really great year! I think good things are going to happen this year!

So onto a few things! Give away winners! here are the 5 people who get to pick one item from my store for free! Congrats to you all and thank you to everyone else for participating! Please email me to let me know what you want!
I am only 24 people away from 500 followers! I can't wait for a HUGE giveaway! Yeah!

So I have a few more freebies for you! Just click on any of the pictures to get the file!

First one is a Place VS Value sign! I made it a long time ago and can't find where the original boxing gloves clip art came from. If you know, can you please tell me so I can give credit or I might need to change it! The fonts are from Hello Literacy:) I LOVE her fonts!

I have a few people who asked for my Literacy Notebook! you go:)
I also made a check out and check in page for this notebook. This will be where the students record the books they pick for their book boxes! That way, if a book goes missing I MAY be able to find it...haha!

I hope you have a great Friday!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love it! You have some really great stuff and some fabulous ideas! I can't wait to look around some more! I am happy to help you get one step closer to 500 followers. I am new to the blogging community and would love it if you visited my blog. Its just in the beginning stages but I am hoping it will be as awesome as yours one day soon!

  2. Have a great weekend


  3. Great game! I like it! My guess for the dog breed is labrador (my favorite!).

    Teaching with Moxie