TOMORROW....can someone make the time STOP? (freebie)

Please, someone hit the STOP button just for awhile so I can finish what I need to before tomorrow! I have been working nonstop this whole weekend, even going into school today and I have yet to plan! I have it all down on paper just need to take my thoughts and scribbles notes and turn them into real life plans!

I am a nervous wreck about starting Whole Brain Teaching tomorrow. I am excited but had no idea where to start! I found this blog, that I am now following:), and she had some great videos in how to start teaching Whole Brain Teaching!
So I watched the videos and make a PowerPoint presentation I can use on my active board! This way I don't miss a thing and I can go over it for the first week of school! Now, it is not the most creative Powerpoint with graphics or anything...just simple! I'm in a time crunch...HAHA!

If you are interested in the PowerPoint, click HERE. Just make sure to leave me a comment! I use the teacherish posters created my Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts for my rules. But I changed rule 5 to make smart choices. You can change what you need to in the PowerPoint:) 

So I said I went into school today. I worked on copies, sharpened pencils, binders ready, book boxes ready, math center stuff ready, and worked on my door! I need to finally get the planning part done!

I said I would have my 500 follower giveaway today...and I am still hoping to do so. I just need to get some other stuff done! So be on the lookout for it hopefully later today! 

Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the powerpoint! I just recently stumbled upon Whole Brain Teaching. I plan on using it to help with writing. Also like the class/yes. Thanks again and good luck tomorrow. It is also my first day back with students.
    Tales From Rm 17!

  2. I am drowning here! I can't access my school email from home and I can't access our district's scope & sequence either! AHHHH....yes they want lesson plans for the first week of school & I assume last year's are on my school computer (since they aren't at home) and our computers will not be up and working until.....get this....the 3rd week of school!!!!!!!!! The good news, you're way ahead of me!

  3. I know what you mean about the stop button. We started last wednesday and I've been revising my lesson plans for this week...the weekend just went waay too fast!


  4. Thanks for sharing your powerpoint. I want to introduce WBT this week, too, so it will be helpful. Also, if you haven't already, check out Mrs. Shipley's site. She does WBT and has videos from her first day of school!

  5. Good luck tomorrow! We have a Hurricane Day here in Florida! Our first week was last week and I started with Class! Yes! and scoreboard first thing Monday morning. We learned Hand and Eyes and Seats, Seats, Seats that very day, too. The kids loved it. I added in Teach! Okay! throughout the week and the kiddos did great. We will star Universal Homework this week...I guess Tuesday now! Good luck! You will do great.

    (BTW...hear needs to be here on the last page.) =) Thanks for sharing!

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

  6. Thanks everyone! I got tomorrow planned! HAHA! I have no idea how much of it will get accomplished.

  7. Good luck tomorrow! Super exciting to be doing WBT. I use parts of it throughout the first week.. mostly teaching just the techniques like class yes and teach ok. Great blog you mentioned. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  8. You will be fine. You can't mess it up. I promise...if I can do it, anyone can ;)

  9. I love WBT but I haven't quite gone full into it yet. My class last year started it sometime in April I think and ended up doing great with the parts we did... but I have to restart it this year because my memory seems to have failed me and I can't remember anything! I am going to check out that blog now!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  10. Thanks for sharing the powerpoint! I hope I can get WBT down before my first day.